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Melange Bamboo is an innovative blend of 50% bamboo and 50% long-staple cotton yarns, offering the best of both fabrics. By intertwining bamboo threads with cotton and weaving them into glorious bed sheets, we've created linens with a unique textured appearance. The cozy comfort of mélange bed sheets will embrace you to sleep. Additionally, the sheet sets are BPO/Retinol safe, ensuring that lotions won't stain your sheets.

Melange Sheets FAQs

What are melange sheets?

Melange is blending of bamboo and cotton threads. The unique waterless coloring method makes the colors deep and true, and they are bleachable and BPO safe. The two-tone Silver and Sand colors look like a texture as we twist White cotton threads around Black or Beige bamboo threads, then woven together creates the appearance of a texture. They are a bit cozier and comfy than the 100% bamboo sheets.

How do you wash melange bamboo sheets?

Viscose from Bamboo and Cotton is best cared for by washing in warm water with an eco-friendly liquid detergent, and drying on medium heat. Melange is also bleachable and BPO safe. Proper washing will extend their life; you can expect to get 5-6 years from your linens with proper laundering.  Using hot water and high heat can cause any linens to pill, which are the uncomfortable bumps you’ll see on some sweaters. Also, bamboo has natural bacteria-resistance so if you’re used to using bleach to kill any bacteria, there is no need to do so with bamboo. A great benefit for your health and the environment!

What detergents should I use for melange bamboo sheets?

We recommend a mild liquid detergent like Ecos, Mrs. Myers, Woolite, Seventh Generation, ECover, or Kirkland Ultra Clean. We do not recommend bleach, fabric softeners, washer balls or dryer sheets/balls. We’ve noticed that harsher detergents can break down the fibers faster, shortening the lifespan of the linens and creating tears at the seams. 

Do melange bamboo sheets wrinkle?

They can get a soft wrinkle where your body lies, but will never get a hard crease. We don't coat our linens with formaldehyde (like cotton sheets are) because we want to offer the most eco-conscious product we can, so you sleep healthier.

Do bamboo-cotton sheets shrink?

We have oversized the linens by 4% to account for the 1st time shrinkage that occurs when you launder bamboo sheets. As you sleep on them; bamboo tends to ‘grow’ on the bed, but each time you wash and dry them they go back to being a nice snug fit.

What is the thread count of melange bamboo sheets?

BedVoyage melange linens have a thread count of 300. People often think high thread count equates to softest feel, and you can spend $300-$800 on very high thread count cottons and not achieve the same feel as you can get with our bamboo sheets. Additionally, in the bamboo sheet world, a thread count of 300 is quite high. We’ve chosen 300 thread count as the sweet-spot for keeping the breathability of the linens, but also the silky feel.

Do oil stains come out of melange sheets?

yes, they will. Stains can be removed by trying any of the following: Prewash the sheets with ¼ cup Dawn dish washing liquid and then launder as usual, Dawn is a natural degreaser. Or spray Oxy Clean or a chlorine-free stain remover directly onto the stain and then launder as usual. You can use a mixture of 1-part white vinegar to 4-parts water, sprayed or poured onto the stain; this should remove the stains during laundering.

Are they deep-pocket sheets?

The 18" depth should fit most pillow-top mattresses, as they have a tight elastic all the way around the edge, not just at the corners like many sheets. Whether you have a shallow Tempur-Pedic® or a deep pillow-top mattress, the fitted sheet will stay snug and never pop off.

Will it hurt to iron the sheets?

Not at all, you can iron them and even use high heat and steam, it will not hurt them. But another trick is that if you dry them on high for the last 10 minutes of the cycle (if you forgot to take them out immediately) they'll come out smoother. 

Are melange bamboo sheets warm, or cold?

Bamboo fabrics are thermal regulating. That means you'll sleep cooler if you're a hot sleeper, and warmer if you're a cold sleeper. We call it a ‘smart fabric’ as it knows what you need! But the blend of bamboo and cotton will be a bit cozy and comfy!

Will hot water hurt bamboo sheets?

No, it won't, but they may shrink just a bit. If you repeatedly do this, however, you may cause the linens to pill, so it’s recommended to always wash and dry on cool to medium heat. If you occasionally want to force the linens to shrink; you can launder in hot water and dry on high.

How long will melange sheets last?

If washed properly; they should last you 6-8 years.

Will the colors fade?

No, the melange fiber colors will stay deep and true. They should not fade, and are even bleachable, although we would not recommend soaking them in bleach, just add a 1/4 cup to your laundry dispenser when washing.

Do you make extra pillowcase sets?

The set comes with 2 pillowcases, but you can add as many extra sets as you like.

Can I hang dry melange bamboo sheets?

Yes, we have customers that do this. They tell us that they are just as soft hang drying as if they'd been dried in the dryer. But if you feel you want to soften them slightly more; just toss them in the drier on medium heat for 5-10 minutes.

Does pet hair wash out of melange sheets?

It will come out in the wash, and you can use a lint roller between laundry days as well. Remember: viscose from bamboo has some antibacterial properties so your linens won’t accumulate the same amount of smell that cotton might, and rayon is anti-static so it won’t cling to pet fur and other lint like cotton will. As well, our twill weave means they are less likely to snag with pet claws than plain, satin weave sheets or knit sheets.

Where are your melange bamboo sheets made?

BedVoyage linens are manufactured responsibly at some of the largest home textile factories in India. Our factories have passed a stringent 25 point review process by many US retailers, as well as yearly passing the Social Responsibility Audit. This ensures that there is no child labor, the workers are not over-worked or under paid, and work in an environment where there are safeguards in place to ensure their health and safety.  We work with Fair Trade and LEED certified factories, that have the Oeko-Tex Standard in Textiles certification. We are proud to be processing our bamboo in such a responsible factories!

Can bamboo sheets make you sweat?

Quite the opposite! Bamboo fibers have tiny holes that let air escape. So you are more likely to sleep cooler in bamboo bed sheets. They also wick and absorb moisture 3x faster than cotton, so you'll stay drier as well.

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