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Simple First Birthday Ideas Without a Party

Simple First Birthday Ideas Without a Party

While the idea of throwing a party for a baby’s first birthday is fun and, in some ways, counts as a milestone celebration, many parents are now looking for other babies’ first birthday ideas.

In addition to being expensive, a baby’s first birthday party is likely one they won’t remember, making it a costly exercise that requires much fuss. So instead, parents are opting not to have a party at all, but to choose fun activities and outings they can enjoy with loved ones to celebrate the baby’s special day.

6 Simple First Birthday Ideas Without a Party

So, how do you find 1st birthday party ideas on a budget or ways to celebrate without having a party at all? Below, we offer six unique and fun ways to spend the day with your little one and friends or family members that won’t cost a lot but will leave you with some beautiful memories.

How Do You Plan a First Birthday Party on a Budget Without a Party?

Birthday parties are the go-to idea for birthday celebrations, making it challenging to consider other ideas. However, there are plenty of exciting ways to make great memories without the fuss and cost of a birthday party. Read on for unique and exciting baby’s first birthday ideas.

1st Birthday Party Smash Cakes

If you’ve decided to celebrate your little one’s first birthday at home with a few family members, then a smash cake is an excellent idea. A “smash cake” is a small cake that looks like a fancy first birthday cake for your baby to enjoy. Since one-year-olds aren’t quite at that point where they’re using cutlery, they will most likely dig into the cake using their fists and smash fistfuls into their mouths, hence the name “smash cakes.”

There are no rules here as to how your baby gets to enjoy their cake, making it a lot of fun for them and a photo-worthy opportunity for mom and dad.  

You can have the smash cake made up any way you like, themed, in various flavors and colors. Additionally, if you have other family members joining you, you can always order a second, slightly larger cake for everyone else to enjoy.

Have a 1-Year-Old Birthday Photo Session

Whether you invite a photographer to any of the activities above or head to a studio, having a few professional photos of your baby’s first birthday is a great way to mark the occasion and ensure you have the memories you make captured on film. If you are having trouble deciding what your baby should wear for the first newborn photography session, we can recommend fun and festive hooded towel items. Panda Baby Hooded Towels from BedVoyage are a perfect fit! There are several styles to pick from, so you may choose one that suits your preferences.

First Birthday Activity Ideas and Games

Again, if you are looking for 1st birthday party at-home ideas, there are several fun activities and games to enjoy. Let’s look at a few options: 

A Ball Pit – Filling a small inflatable pool with vibrantly-colored plastic or foam balls is a fantastic way to entertain little ones and keep them playing for hours.

Balloons – Blow up a few balloons (different shapes and colors are always fun), toss them to the baby, and encourage them to toss them back. However, we recommend never leaving your children unattended while there are balloons around.

Handprint Paintings –  A fun activity that creates a sweet keepsake for mom and dad is handprint (or footprint) paintings. Paint your child’s hands with different colored water-based paints and get them to print their hands across a scroll of paper.

Visit Animals on Your Baby’s First Birthday

You’ll find that baby books aimed at one-year-olds typically have themes centered on animals. Since this is a topic they are learning about, seeing the animals up close offers an exciting adventure. You can visit the zoo, an aquarium, or a petting zoo where your child can interact with the animals. Seeing their reaction is exciting for everyone and makes for a fantastic family outing.

Go on a Birthday Vacation

Another way to celebrate this milestone with the entire family is by heading out on a birthday vacation. If your baby loves the water, heading to a beach may be fun. Alternatively, visiting a child-friendly resort or staying at a place where there are lots of fun activities like a fun fair nearby makes for exciting options. 

Celebrate at the Park or Beach

While the park or beach may seem like your average everyday outing, you can turn these mini-adventures into a lot of fun. Packing a picnic basket with party foods and bringing along a few balloons make for some great first birthday party ideas on a budget that are hassle-free but still a lot of fun. As a result, your baby can enjoy new surroundings, get fresh air, and celebrate with family and friends. BedVoyage makes a darling Panda Hooded Towel set, that is made from bamboo which is naturally UV-resistant, so its great for the beach. Bonus: it also fits from infant to 4-year old, and is mildew and bacteria resistant.  

Final Thoughts on Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Several exciting baby’s first birthday ideas offer the same, if not more fun, but don’t carry the cost or the cooking and cleaning that a party brings. Exploring these options means you can spend more time with your little one on their special day, making memories and having fun.

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