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What are Melange Sheets?

What are Melange Sheets?

What does melange mean, you ask?

It’s a unique way of weaving bamboo threads and cotton threads together. This special weave is called ‘melange‘ and creates a casual, heathered-effect that’s easy to layer. Its also super comforting, and easy-care. Many of today’s consumers are desiring an eco-friendly bedding alternative to 100% cotton. But they also want it to be affordable, feel luxurious, and fit their busy lifestyle of needing easy-care products.

Melange fabrics are BPO safe and 100% bleachable!

You don’t need to worry that using BPO (benzoyl peroxide) on your face or body will stain the linens. Melange bamboo cotton fabrics are BPO safe. What can commonly happen is that the BPO in a facial cream will stain the pillowcase. This can create an orange-colored patch on the fabric that doesn’t come out. This won’t happen with melange fabrics, AND they can be bleached, regardless of the color of the fabric! This is a huge deal for those that either perspire, or have make up stains on the linens.  BUT, regardless of whether you purchase Snow, Silver or Sand melange linens, they’re 100% bleachable.

Is melange more expensive than bamboo?

It offers much the same quality and comforting feel as BedVoyage‘s 100% bamboo line. But you get a lower price point that lets you dive into the bamboo pool and test the waters without causing damage to your pocketbook! Our design purposely didn’t use all of the bells and whistles that we add to our 100% luxury bamboo line. We wanted to keep the price down, so we took that into consideration in the design. We’ve designed the linens with envelope-enclosure pillowcases, and no embroidery. The Melange Duvet Cover has a button closure, and inside corner ties. Additionally, we did not add the extra 12″ of length to the flat sheet that you see in our Luxury line either. Those changes have allowed us to offer melange products at a 40% lower price than our 100% bamboo linen line.

We feel confident you’ll be talking about these sheets with your family and friends! You can make your whole bed up with this casually elegant look, as the line includes Bed Sheets, Duvets, Quilted Standard Shams and Decorative Pillows. Or you layer them beautifully with our 100% bamboo Duvets, Coverlets and Shams.

How is melange made?

Melange bamboo threads are pre-dyed, then wrapped around white cotton threads. When they are then woven together; that weaves looks like a texture, with a luxe lived-in feel.

Much of industrial water pollution comes from textile dyeing and treatment, with 72 toxins that are very toxic, and 30 that cannot be removed by conventional methods. So offering a water-less dying method means saving all of that water, and the toxic chemicals that leak out into the waterways. A huge plus for the environment!

The Bed Bundle:

We’ve studied HOW many people sleep these days, and have learned that many people are tossing their flat sheet. They feel that a flat sheet gets bunched up at the foot of the bed, causing them to remake the bed each morning. Or it simply gets tangled around their arms or legs and is in the way, so they remove it. What they prefer is just to use a Fitted Sheet, a Duvet Cover and a set of Pillowcases. So we listened, and we created the Duvet Bed Set just for those people! Why buy a flat sheet when you don’t use it, right? So now you can purchase a Queen or King Bed Set that has just the products you want, and nothing you don’t!

How do I buy melange bedding?

Visit to view our offerings of Bed Sheet sets, Duvet Covers, Bed Bundles, Pillowcase Sets, Quilted Standard Shams, and Decorative Pillows. We’ve created everything you need to either have a simple and casual bed, or glam it up and have a completely ‘designed’ bed look. You can add some extra glam by adding a BedVoyage 100% bamboo Quilted Coverlet to the look, to get a bit more sheen, and some extra weight in the fall and winter.

Sweet Dreams~

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