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Oversized Bath Towel For Big And Tall Men

Oversized Bath Towel For Big And Tall Men

After representing our BedVoyage Luxury Bamboo Towels for over 10 years at Costco, we learned a thing or two about what guys like in a towel!  They were quite open with us in discussing their issues, while they held and felt our Towels. Our main job while presenting our products at Costco was to educate the members on the benefits of bamboo. Bamboo linens were not familiar to most people at the time, the common misnomer was that bamboo would be stiff and scratchy. Yet bamboo towels are incredibly soft to the touch and feel great against your skin.

Common Complaints About Most Towels:

  1. The number one issue that we heard was lack of absorbency. They’d express that most super-soft towels just pushed the water around, yet didn’t absorb it. They’d explain that with hair on their chest, arms and legs; they needed a really absorbent towel to dry them thoroughly.
  2. The next issue most commonly described was the funky mildew smell that most towels had, even after just one use. And even more annoying; that some towels had that smell right out of the dryer, when they were supposedly clean.
  3. The size of the towels was also an issue for many men. They felt most towels were too small, and they wanted one big enough to wrap around their waist and stay put. Skimpy, undersized towels just fell off, and didn’t keep them warm when they got out of the shower.

Best Towels for Guys, and Why?

From what we’ve learned; men like a towel that is absorbent, that smells fresh and clean, and is big enough to wrap around their waist. BedVoyage Bamboo Bath Sheets and Bath Towels are not only luxuriously soft, but they’re 3 times more absorbent than traditional cotton towels. Bamboo fibers have micro-gaps and holes that absorb the water, so you dry off faster. The fibers are hypoallergenic, and incredibly soothing to the skin. If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, your skin will be comforted with bamboo towels.

Bamboo Towels are Resistant to Mildew:

There is an inherent quality to bamboo that is called Bamboo Zhukun. It means pest repellant, which is why bamboo can be grown organically, with no need for fertilizer or pesticides. But it also seems to be resistant to bacteria, which is what causes odors. Have you ever left a load of laundry in the washing machine all day, only to open it and be hit with a strong smell of mildew? This does not happen with bamboo fabrics, that may seem to be untrue, but it’s actually the case. Just give it a try!  You can also use and reuse the same towel for many days, with no mildew scent. Simply hang it to dry and its ready for use the next day, like its fresh from the dryer.

How Big are Bath Sheets?

We offer 2 sizes of towels: our Bath Towel at a generous 30 x 54, and oversized Bath Sheets at 37 x 70.  The Bamboo Bath Towels are 70% bamboo (the loops that touch your body) with 30% cotton for the webbing that the loops wind through. There’s a touch of polyester in the edging to keep them from shrinking. Our Bamboo Melange Bath Sheet is a unique blend of 50% dyed bamboo, and 50% long-staple Cotton. The bamboo yarns are dyed with a unique waterless coloring method, which conserves water and is therefore great for the planet. Both towels are long enough to nicely cover you when you get out of the shower. But the Bath Sheet is extra long for anyone that wants full-coverage, or even likes to wear it around their shoulders while doing their morning routine.

BedVoyage Towels Make Great Gifts

A fabulous guy-gift is the perfect towel – BedVoyage Bamboo Towels are incredibly soft and oversized, with a fresh scent ALWAYS!

Anyone who loves a soft and comforting towel will enjoy our BedVoyage line of Hand, Wash, Bath and Facial Towels.  Our towels come in a variety of sizes and sets. You can gift a Black Facial Washcloth 6-pack to anyone that wants hypoallergenic and soothing facial towels, for makeup removal or just to use in the shower. The 3-piece set of 1 Bath, 1 Hand, 1 Wash is an ideal gift for a guest bathroom, or to send a teen off to college. The 8-piece set has 2 Bath, 2 Hand, and 4 Washcloths, and is ideal for a master bath. The mélange set has 1 Bath Sheet and 2 Hand Towels, and is just what most men need. There’s even a Panda Hooded Towel and Baby Washcloths for your little ones!

Make your bathroom into a spa experience with the most luxurious bamboo towels on the market!

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