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Ways to Use a Coverlet on Your Bed

Ways to Use a Coverlet on Your Bed

One of the easiest ways to turn a regular bed into an elegant bed is to review the different ways to use a Coverlet. And with different textures, patterns and colors. When you use a 2-3 different layers of it really transforms the bed into one that looks like a professional decorator was hired!  Adding 2 different textures to the linens does twofold 1) looks amazing, and 2) looks so inviting! You cannot wait to crawl in and snuggle up for a wonderful night’s sleep.  A BedVoyage Coverlet is one of the must-haves when creating this elegant bed. It can be used in such a variety of ways that you can change up your look anytime. Many people forget to add a coverlet. But it’s the finishing touch to creating a gorgeous look and a luxurious sleep experience.

We’d like to show you a few different ways in which to make up the bed with a BedVoyage Luxury Bamboo Quilted Coverlet. An added benefit is that it has a gorgeous silky sheen that pairs well with any other bedding pieces. And its silky soft and oh-so-snuggaliscious!

As you may have your own personal preference, we’ll show you a few different ways to use a Coverlet. From a simple and traditional look to a luxuriously modern look. So have fun, layer away, and get inspired from a few of our options.

What Is A Coverlet?

It would be the equivalent of yesteryear’s ‘bedspread’ yet its not meant to drop all the way to the floor. It’s meant to float over the bed and drape about half way, passing the mattress and box spring. You can then add a dust ruffle if you prefer to have something that drops to the floor.  A Coverlet is lighter than a Comforter, and is often used instead of a comforter in the summer. Or as an addition to a Duvet Cover and Comforter in the winter.

Coverlets are traditionally quilted with some form of pattern, which adds that texture look to your bed. They are wonderful in the colder months when you can place one at the foot of the bed. And work easily to just pull up to add extra warmth as needed.  Some people love them so much that they keep one near the sofa to snuggle up on movie night. Coverlets are so versatile.

BedVoyage’s 100% Bamboo Coverlet add the perfect layer as it’s a great all-season weight. Its silky smooth, and hypoallergenic so it even works well against sensitive-skin. Bamboo is a breathable fabric so you won’t overheat at night, the fabric lets air pass through much better than cotton. Bamboo Quilted Coverlets are a beautifully elegant way to dress-up your bedroom decor. And it’s as soft as cashmere….. its true!! With a cashmere-like feel, this hypoallergenic coverlet will keep you warm without overheating. Choose to tuck it in, let it hang loose, or layer it in 3rds at the foot of the bed.

Why is Bamboo Sustainable?

Because its one of the most sustainable fabrics on the planet, its grown organically without pesticides or fertilizers. So bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to cottons and microfibers. Its vegan, and panda-friendly as BedVoyage bamboo is all farmed, and grown specifically for fabrics. There is no harming of panda’s in the making of any BedVoyage linens! Bamboo fabric is also naturally resistant to bacteria an odors, so it will stay fresher longer than cottons.

We will show you 3 different ways to use the same Ivory Coverlet from BedVoyage to help inspire you to become your own interior decorator! Here are steps to achieve a layered masterpiece of your own sweet dreams.

Different Ways to Style a Coverlet:

A high-quality coverlet is a great investment and should last you for many years, you can bet your friends and family are going to see it and want one too! Keeping an extra 1-2 Coverlets in the linen closet for guests is a great way to welcome them and offer a comforting sleep experience. A solid color will be timeless, as you can change up the accessories, pillows or other linens for any makeover needs.

Style #1- Placing the Coverlet at the Foot Of The Bed

The below images shows one of the simplest and most classic way to style a Coverlet. Simply fold it in half or thirds, then place it directly at the foot of the bed. Its ready to be pulled up for any chilly night. If its warm weather, then its simply used as décor and can be folded and removed for sleep. This style is called a bed-scarf, and adds texture and convenience for house guests that may want another layer on a cold night. I always find it’s a nice finishing touch to add a folded coverlet, bed scarf or blanket to any bed.

If its warmer weather and you have a thick and fluffy duvet on the bed, layering the Coverlet holds down a bit of that extra fluff. Ashley with House Candy Staging staged the below bed by placing the coverlet at the base of the bed and adding matching cream shams in front of the sleeping pillows for a bold look.

Photo provided by House Candy Staging.

Style #2- Layer Over the Top Sheet for a Simple Clean Look

Some really prefer to top the entire bed with a Coverlet, by placing it over the entire flat sheet, with no added duvet or blanket needed. This is a classic, clean look and ideally suited for summer’s heat. To finish the look, you can choose to add a light bed scarf or a folded blanket at the foot of the bed when it’s not in use.

GalPal Blog’s talented friend Lenae came up with the idea of using matching sheets and Euro Pillow Shams. They had fun styling the bed various ways, because it’s so easy to use an Ivory Coverlet.

The way to achieve this look is to make your bed the normal way, then place the Coverlet on top of the entire mattress and flat sheet. It will drape a bit down past the pillows, and the foot of the bed.  The photo below shows again the Ivory BedVoyage Coverlet with Ivory Euro Shams that match the sheets.

Style #3 Tuck the Coverlet In for A Modern Look

If you have an upholstered bed with rails, or a platform bed; tucking the Coverlet under the mattress offers a very modern look. Simply make your bed the normal way, with your flat sheet nicely turned down. Then pull the Coverlet up to about the pillow section of the bed, fold over the excess so it looks like a turned-down hotel bed. Tuck all around the bed so that the Coverlet is smoothly tucked in.

Then you can place a bed scarf, a blanket or fold a duvet in 3rds and place in the middle of the bed for a super modern look. Add plenty of BedVoyage Decorative Pillow Shams to complete the look.

BedVoyage Coverlets


  • Highest Quality, 100% organically grown Bamboo, Oeko Tex Made in Green
  • Cooling fabric, temperature adjusting for better sleep
  • Hypoallergenic and silky soft, soothes and comforts sensitive skin
  • Naturally resistant to bacteria, keeps your linens fresher longer
  • Eco-friendly, vegan and Panda friendly, Fiber-Reactive Dyes
  • Easy care and durable, wash on warm, dry on medium. Gets softer wash after wash
  • 100% Viscose Bamboo fabric, with 3oz Poly-fil batting.

To read about the remaining 4 beautiful looks, please visit GalPal Blog.

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