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How To Use Bamboo Decorative Throw Pillows

How To Use Bamboo Decorative Throw Pillows

Why do People Use Decorative Pillows?

Decorative pillows came into vogue in Victorian-era Britain. People often entertained guests in their bedrooms where a fire was lit, and the ambience was warm and welcoming. To show their status or affluence; they’d layer beautifully ornate silk pillows on the bed, in all shapes and sizes. This style has remained through the years and now evokes a feel of luxury and comfort. Some feel ‘the more pillows the better’ and others believe that just 1 or 2 well-chosen colors or patterns is all you need.  Don’t ask a man though, he’ll tell you he only needs the pillow under his head, the rest are ridiculous!

How to Decorate with Bamboo Decorative Pillows: 

BedVoyage offers a wide variety of decorative pillows, our smaller style is the Decorative Throw Pillow in both lux bamboo and melange bamboo. If mid-size pillows suite you best; try our Quilted Standard Shams in our brick-quilted design, with simple and elegant piping and a zipper closure. These come in our melange bamboo/cotton line in 3 color options. Go big with the quilted Euro Shams which come in 5 rich colors, with invisible zipper. Mix and match sizes or colors, and layer-away for a luxe bed. 

Can Decorative Pillows be Used as a Lumbar Pillow?

Those that suffer with low back pain, or are pregnant need a little more padding in the right places. You’d love our silky-smooth bamboo fabric which is cooling and  hypoallergenic in the Decorative Throw Pillows. They offer just the right amount of padding or lift where needed. Some like to snuggle with one under an arm to raise it while sleeping. Or put one between your knees to take pressure off your hip joints. They also work perfectly as reading pillows when a little pillow under your neck offers the lift you need to watch tv or read a book. Tip: put one UNDER your laptop or device so that you have a little barrier between you and the EMF, or the heat of the device.

Can I Use the Pillows on my Couch or Chair?

Absolutely, and it will offer a unique look compared to the traditional squares that are often used. The BedVoyage Quilted Decorative Pillows will work great on a sofa or chair. They can be purely decorative, or be used on movie-night when you want to rest your head. Euros are also versatile as floor pillows when you have guests and need additional seating. They can also really jazz up an outdoor sofa for those that have large seating areas and what to pretty them up!

Is the Bamboo Fabric Gentle enough to use as my Bed Pillow?

Our Quilted Standard Shams can be used as a regular pillowcase on many beds! Customers often order them if they like a tight-fitting pillowcase, with no open hems. These shams have an invisible zipper closure, so your pillow never falls out. So they can do double duty as your pillow AND as your decorative sham. The piping around the edge will not irritate you when sleeping, yet the silky smoothness of the bamboo fabric is gentle on skin and hair. Its also resistant to bacteria and odors, so your pillow will stay fresh longer. The melange fabric has a couple great attributes as a bed pillow too, as its retinal safe (won’t stain from any retinal face creams) and its bleachable. So no need to worry about makeup or skin cream discolorations.

Enjoy BedVoyage Bamboo Decorative Pillows in many sizes, colors and patterns! Our Duvet Cover Sets come with 2 matching Standard Shams, and will make a bed look gorgeous. Have fun and use them in any way you choose, elegant or casual, multiple pillows or simply streamlined.

Sweet Dreams~

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