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How to Reduce Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

How to Reduce Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies can be very annoying as you struggle to breathe, sleep and manage your day while feeling worn out from sneezing and blowing your nose.  Not to mention running to the nearest pharmacy to load up on antihistamines and tissues. Let’s discuss how to reduce the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

What are Seasonal Allergies?

While others are relishing the warmth of spring and the gorgeous variety of blooming flowers, if you suffer from allergies it’s not such an uplifting time for you.

Often referred to as ‘hay fever’, the symptoms can appear during certain times of the year, mainly spring and summer. This is when the grasses, weeds and trees are blooming, releasing tiny little pollen particles. It’s a natural process, meant to help fertilize the other plants and trees in the area. But people breathe these in too, and those affected by allergies can suffer from itchy watery eyes, and congested breathing. The pollens can cause inflammation to the delicate lining of the nose and bronchia.

Why Do Some People Get Seasonal Allergies?

Most can go their entire lives never being affected by the pollen release, possibly due to a strong immune system. While others are so greatly affected that they choose to stay indoors during blooming because it can be quite debilitating for them.  Studies show that roughly 10% of the population in the US are affected by seasonal allergies.  The body thinks that pollen is dangerous, so it reacts by flooding your body with histamines, which in turn creates your symptoms. This is why antihistamines help to counteract the symptoms.  

Why are My Allergies so Bad in My Bed?

If you go to bed wearing any of the clothing from your outdoor time, or without showering off the pollen; you are bringing the same allergens into your bed. Also, if you tend to sleep with a window open, the pollens can float right through your window screen. You could be inadvertently breathing them all night, not realizing why you wake congested.

If you suffer from allergies, a good practice would be to remove the outdoor clothing you were wearing and place them directly into the washing machine. Then the next step would be to take a shower and wash the pollen off your skin and hair. This alone can greatly reduce your symptoms.

What is the Best Bedding to Reduce Allergies?

Try finding bedding that has natural abilities to lessen allergic reactions, such as natural fibers: bamboo, hemp, linen and cotton.  Bamboo fibers have an inherent quality called ‘bamboo zhukun’ which loosely translates to pest-repellent.  BedVoyage makes an entire line of Bamboo Bed Sheets, Duvet Covers, Pillowcase Sets and Coverlets that are hypoallergenic and indescribably soft and soothing. Its recommended to wash your sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover frequently during allergy season. Use a gentle liquid detergent and water hot enough to kill any bacteria. A good rule of thumb would be to launder weekly, but if the pollen is coming in open windows, you may need to launder every few days.

Some find that using mattress and pillow covers helps limit the pollens and allergens from becoming embedded into their mattress and pillows.     

How to Make Your Bedroom Pollen Free?

If you feel the need to reduce pollen while sleeping, consider investing in an air-purifier. There are so many wonderful products on the market now, unlike years past when there was no effective way to clean the air in your bedroom. Hepa filters and ion-producing air purifiers seem to be amongst the top rated. Ion Pure is one of the leading brands that has been getting rave reviews. Do follow their instructions for how often to change the filter or sanitize any moving parts.

Take the time to wash your face and hands very well each night, paying particular attention to your eyes and nose. Consider doing a sinus flush to rid your mucous membranes of any pollen. If you are the type to shower in the evening, washing your hair before bed will help as well.

Vacuum and dust your bedroom as often as needed, possibly every few days, especially if you’ve had your window open during the day, or sleep with the window open at night.   

Best Antihistamines and Supplements for Seasonal Allergies

As over the counter medications can add up fast when trying to quickly reduce symptoms, it helps to have a few quality go-to’s in your cupboard. Running to the pharmacy when in the midst of an allergic reaction can add additional stress, so maintaining a little cache of items is a great time-saver.

If you like to use more natural products, Allergy ReLeaf System by Herbs, Etc. is a well-loved brand. They use many alcohol-free plant extracts and the ingredient Quercetin which is the main active-ingredient.  Some people simply swear by Allegra Allergy, and Claritin Allergy. For a sinus spray, Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Colloidal Silver Hydrosol is a must-have. 

We hope these tips on how to reduce seasonal allergies were helpful! Enjoy the coming spring while being prepared to alleviate any allergy symptoms.   

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