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How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet

How To Fold a Fitted Sheet:

Few of us truly enjoy folding sheets, and especially King size sheets because they are so large. The trickiest one to fold is the Fitted Sheet because its so big. The video here is designed to help you with this task, vs balling up the fitted sheet and stuffing it in the linen closet!  An additional tip is that you can store your set in the actual packaging you purchased it in. The benefit of this is that the packaging will note the size of the sheets and this is a HUGE plus if you have multiple size beds in your homes.  I love to store my Bamboo Sheet Sets in their linen closet storage bag packaging because it keeps them fresh. It also tells me the size they are, and they more easily stack up in the linen closet.

How To Organize Sheet Sets per Bed Size:

If you have a vacation home and frequently have overnight guests, an easy tip is to color coordinate the guest rooms so that you know what color sheets always goes on the bed in that room. So again, I’d store the sheets in their packaging so its simpler to grab the right one.  And an easy way to get the beds changed is to have a spare set in each room, washed and ready. My guests have been kind enough to ask how they can make up the bed for me. I just let them know that they have a fresh set of sheets in their closet and it would be a huge help to change the bed. Its a kind gesture on their part, and makes my job much easier when entertaining!

How To Make Bamboo Bed Sheets Smell Great:

A nice tip for having fresh smelling linens without the chemicals of most dryer sheets is to put a damp washcloth, with a few drops of your favorite essential oils, in the dryer with the linens. The lovely smells will transfer onto the sheets and then keep that scent while stored in their packaging.

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