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Guide To Seasonal Bed Making

Guide To Seasonal Bed Making

I think it’s safe to assume that we all make a few changes in our bedding during the year. In the summer we tend to remove as much as possible, so that our bed is light and airy. In the winter we need the added warmth, so we pile on extra weight. But do you really know what the BEST items are to use in different seasons?  Let’s dive into that!

How to Make Your Bed in the Winter:

Regardless of the climate you live in, you’ll usually add at least one more layer during the winter. Nights get cooler virtually all around the country from December through February. So having an extra duvet cover or coverlet to pull up during the night is ideal.  If you live in a really cold area like North Dakota or Minnesota where temperatures can be in the negatives during the night; you need even more layers.

The items you can layer in the winter can vary, but I’ll give you a good idea of what may work best for you. Starting with a Bamboo Sheet Set, they give all-year comfort because the fabric is so breathable and silky soft. It’s very comforting and temperature regulating. Layer on top of the flat sheet with a heated blanket if you like to take the chill off. I like to turn the blanket on for 15-20 minutes before I go to bed, then turn it off as I get in. If its on any longer than that; you risk overheating right when you get into bed, because its too hot.

If you prefer not having an electric current in your bed, or you don’t like getting into a warm bed; simply use any type of blanket that you prefer. Blankets add a nice weight and warmth, which can feel super cozy in the fall and winter.

How to Use Duvet Covers for Warmth:

On top of any blanket you’ve chosen; I’d recommend layering a Bamboo Duvet Cover with an all-season weight goose down comforter inserted. I feel it’s too much work to have 2 comforters, 1 for winter, 1 for summer (storage and cleaning). I love a good all-year weight that does the job regardless of the season. On top of that, I fold a Bamboo Coverlet in half and then place it on top of the duvet cover. If you get too warm while sleeping; its easy to just toss that piece off to the side to cool down.  Now you’re all set for a warm and cozy Winter Bed!

How to Make Your Bed in the Spring:

This is that odd time of year in which some nights are still cold, and some nights are warmer. You want to keep an extra layer on the bed that you can either pull up on cool nights or toss off on warm nights. Similar to the winter bed noted above, I’d simply remove the blanket, whether it’s a heated blanket or any other blanket. This may just be too much warmth and weight and more often than not you’ll find you’re just pushing it off you because you’re too hot.

If the springtime in your area is particularly warm, you can even consider removing the Coverlet or the down comforter. Some people will insert a lightweight blanket or quilt into the Duvet Cover, which adds that little bit of weight and warmth, but doesn’t overheat. I’ve also known people that remove the Duvet Cover and just keep the down comforter on the bed, covered with the Coverlet.  This time of year is going to depend on your own personal preferences and body temperature, but in general you should be comfortable with just a Bamboo Sheet Set, a Duvet Cover and a Coverlet folded at the end of the bed, if needed.

How to Make Your Bed in the Summer:

If you live in a climate that is so warm or muggy that you’re running your air conditioning all night; you may simply want a Bamboo Sheet Set and a light blanket, and that’s it!  Those that don’t have air conditioning will often strip the bed down to just a Bamboo Sheet set, and nothing else. Even the weight of a flat sheet can be too warm in some climates, and you find you’re throwing it off during the night. The great thing about Bamboo is that it has a cooling effect, and just moving your arm or leg a few inches lands you in a nice cooler location.

Bamboo fabrics have micro-gaps and holes that let heat escape, so it acts as your own air-conditioning in the bed. You’ll naturally sleep cooler in bamboo than if you’re sleeping in cotton.  But it also wicks away and evaporates moisture 3 times faster than cotton, so you won’t wake in hot sweaty sheets.

How to Make Your Bed in the Fall:

Much like the spring, the weather may have cool nights and unexpectedly warm nights. Those late September-early October nights can still be warm, so you’ll need to be prepared to add or remove as needed!  I’d recommend making your bed up as its coming on winter, and then just remove the top layer or 2 if needed. If you have a blanket ladder, or a bench at the end of your bed; you can pull off any item that is not needed that particular night. Then add back any item(s) the next night if there’s a swing in the temperature.

Some people like to mix up their color themes from cold to warm temperatures. If it makes you feel cozier to have darker colors in the Fall-Winter, then you’ll buy a set of sheets that you put on just during those seasons. If you like airy White’s or lighter tones for the warmer weather, keep a set handy for when the weather turns warm, and it will breathe a fresh breath of air into your room in the summer.

List of Items Needed for Year-Round Bed Making:

* 1-2 Set of Bamboo Bed Sheets for Winter-Fall

* 1 Set of Bamboo Bed Sheets in a lighter tone for Spring-Summer

* 1 Bamboo Duvet Cover (or 2 if you want the light-dark tones for different seasons)

* An all-season Goose Down Comforter (or down-alternative if you prefer)

* 1 Electric Blanket or weighted blanket, depending on how warm you like to be

* A Bamboo Coverlet (or 2 if you want the light-dark tones for different seasons)

* 2-4 good quality Sleeping Pillows

* 2-3 Bamboo Euro Shams if you want an elegant look, or like to read at night

Sweet Dreams~

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