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Do You Sleep Cooler on Bamboo Sheets?

Do You Sleep Cooler on Bamboo Sheets?

Do You sleep Cooler on Bamboo Sheets?

BedVoyage Bamboo sheets are naturally thermal regulating, which means hot sleepers sleep cooler.  Bamboo fibers breathe, meaning air escapes through the tiny micro-gaps and holes in the fibers, which keeps you cooler.  People who have hot-flashes or perspire in bed love Bamboo Sheets because they don’t overheat the same way they do on cotton. Do you sleep cooler on bamboo sheets, yes! And the fibers also wick away moisture and evaporate it 3 times faster than cotton, so your sheets will stay drier.

For those that get hot and perspire when sleeping, you’ll be comforted by bamboo sheets because of those cooling effects. Flipping your pillow over to find a cool spot does not happen with bamboo. And because of the moisture-wicking abilities; you won’t wake with a wet pillow.  Bacteria doesn’t flourish on bamboo, so people prone to acne or skin conditions will be comforted with bamboo pillowcases.

Why are they Cooler?

We like to call bamboo fabrics a ‘Smart Fabric’ because of those micro-gaps and holes, the fabric ‘senses’ when you’re overheating and releases the heat. If you’ve ever had bamboo socks or t-shirts, they make them specifically because of the cooling effects. But if you’re a cold sleeper, don’t stress as the smart fabric senses you’re temperature and works to keep your warmth in. If one of you wants the heat on, and the other wants the window open, it can be a tug of war. But with bamboo; you can both finally sleep comfortably together!

Are Bamboo Sheets Soft?

There is simply nothing as silky soft against the skin as bamboo sheets. The luxurious feel of them against your skin is what has made them an incredibly popular alternative to cotton sheets. If you looked at a cotton thread under a microscope it would look like a rough old rope, frayed and scratchy. But a bamboo thread would look like a hair on your head, round, smooth and tubular. So you can glide your arms and legs about while you sleep, and it will feel absolutely amazing.

Are Bamboo Sheets Good for Aging Skin?

If you’re balding or have sensitive aging skin; you’ll feel you’ve found the best miracle hair or face cream you’ve ever seen. You’ll wake refreshed, with no bed head or creased face.

Sleep is one of the most amazing things for curing many ailments. Do you sleep better with Bamboo Sheets? Yes, because they’re cooling, hypoallergenic, and resistant to bacteria and odors. Your body needs to rest, detox, de-stress and rejuvenate while you sleep. Getting a good 7-8 hours of sound sleep per night is critical for healing and optimally functioning throughout the day.  A bad night’s sleep often means you can’t wait to go back to bed and recover with a good night’s sleep. Numerous good things when you sleep, and one is that your metabolism resets. Inflammation is reduced, your memory is improved, you can more easily lose weight. You also reduce the risk of depression, and your body repairs itself.

The cooling effect of bamboo is simply indescribable, hot irritated skin is very comforted against the fabric, it acts like fabric air-conditioning!

Do Bamboo Sheets Have Formaldehyde on Them?

The cotton industry uses formaldehyde to make cottons wrinkle-resistant. Formaldehyde is a ‘stiffener’ which you may recall from high school chemistry class. Unfortunately, the use of formaldehyde and other chemicals doesn’t have to be disclosed anywhere on the product label. The scary truth is that the government doesn’t regulate formaldehyde in bedding. There’s no requirement to disclose to the consumer when formaldehyde is used. Do BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets have Formaldehyde? NO!

Your pores open while you’re sleeping and absorb whatever’s in your bedding into your skin. This means things like fabric softeners, dryer sheets, bleach, and formaldehyde. Likewise, breathing those in while sleeping is not good for you either. People that suffer from asthma, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and allergies should sleep more comfortably on bamboo. Cotton can increase their symptoms and they don’t even realize their bedding is causing the issues.  Because babies have brand new immune systems, we’ve designed a whole line called Panda Baby just for them. Your baby can sleep on eco-friendly and comforting bamboo crib sheets, for their health and comfort.

Will Bamboo Sheets Stay Fresh Longer?

One of the natural benefits of Bamboo bedding is that the fibers resist bacteria and odors, so your bedding stays fresh longer than cotton. Bamboo fibers have an inherent property called ‘bamboo kun’ which means naturally pest repellent. This means that odor-causing bacteria doesn’t grow on bamboo fibers. Rest assured that if you can’t change your sheets as often as you’d like, its ok. Your bamboo bedding stays fresh longer, and won’t get the funky smell that cotton sheets will. So save some laundering time by sleeping on bamboo instead of cotton!

Are Bamboo Sheets Machine Washable?

The linens are all machine-washable, so bamboo bedding is an easy-care fabric. Simply wash in warm water with an eco-friendly liquid detergent, then dry on medium. We don’t recommend any washer or dryer balls, fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as those items coat the linens and can cause discoloration. If you develop any body oil stains you may use something like Dawn dishwashing liquid, dab on the spot directly, add a little water, rub the fabric together, then launder.  You may also use a little spot remover, or whatever your favorite stain remover is. We just don’t recommend bleach as its harsh and can break down the fibers, and shortens their life-span.

What are Some of the Benefits of Sleeping on Bamboo Sheets?

HYPOALLERGENIC: bamboo soothes sensitive skin. Say goodbye to irritation, puffiness, acne, and rashes. Bamboo resists dust mites.

MOISTURE WICKING: you’ll sleep dryer because bamboo fibers wick moisture 3x faster than cotton.

ODOR RESISTANT: bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria and odors. Machine washable and durable, bamboo gets softer wash after wash.

MILDEW RESISTANT: the linens will never get a mildew scent even if accidentally left in the washer.

SILKY SOFT AND COMFORTING: bamboo is twice as soft as cotton, with a luxurious cashmere-like feel.

COOLING: you’ll stay cool all night because bamboo breathes 3x more than cotton so you won’t overheat. Great sheets for menopause and hot sleepers.

ECO-FRIENDLY: bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the planet, and grown organically. The stalk is harvested at the base, so the bamboo can regrow until the next harvest. Additionally no pesticides are used in the growing of bamboo.

NO FORMALDEHYDE:  the cotton industry coats their linens with toxic formaldehyde to make them wrinkle resistant. We offer formaldehyde-free linens so that you can sleep healthier.

WHY BEDVOYAGE: premium quality bamboo fibers, tight twill weave, Oeko-Tex Made In Green, organically grown bamboo. Linens have a tight twill weave, guaranteed not to pill. With an extra 12” length to flat sheet. Quality elastic, 18” deep pockets. Fade-resistant.

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