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11 Creative Uses for Flat Sheets!

11 Creative Uses for Flat Sheets!

So you thought a top sheet, or flat sheet, was just for use on the bed, right? Wrong! There are many fun and useful ways to utilize a BedVoyage Flat Sheet!

To look into some Creative Uses for Flat Sheets, first; a little history on the Flat Sheet:

At one time, all sheets were flat sheets, created without pockets or elastic, which were tucked around the mattress. That is, until 1959, when Bertha Berman patented a design for a fitted sheet with elastic pockets that tucked around the edges of the mattress. Berman’s design took off and can now be found on beds around the world!

Many hotels to this day make their beds with flat sheets on top and bottom, as it easier to fold a flat sheet than a fitted. This requires less lifting of the mattress, which was causing carpel tunnel syndrome for housekeepers.

Some people say that the younger generation doesn’t use a flat sheet at all, and prefers the European way of sleeping. This is just using a Fitted Sheet with a Duvet Cover and pillowcases. They feel that the flat sheet moves about, requires too much ‘remaking’ of the bed. Nobody likes a flat sheet bunching around their ankles, and feel the flat sheet is a waste of time!

But back to creative uses for flat sheets! In no particular order, here are some wonderful ways to use a flat sheet:

  • Outdoor movie screen. Simply hang it from a clothesline or tack to the side of the house, and shine your projector on it. Get out the comfy pillows, blankets, popcorn and soda, invite family and neighbors. Settle in to a fun summer time outdoor movie theater!
  • Shower curtain. Sew the button holes on the 4″ hem edge of the flat sheet, and then insert the shower hooks, and you’ve got an easy shower curtain that can be laundered whenever necessary.
  • Sleep sack. Take the flat sheet, fold in half, sew across the bottom and up one side, and you’ve created either a sleeping bag liner. Or a sleep sack to take with you on your travels.
  • Tablecloth. Flat sheets are large enough to cover a long and wide dining table, and super easy to launder.
  • Outdoor furniture covers. Keep your furniture clean from dust and leaves by covering items when not in use. You can tuck the extra fabric behind and beneath the cushions, so that a windy day will not blow them away. Same use for indoor, keeping the sofas clean and free of pet hair and spilled popcorn!

More uses for Flat Sheets, holy cow there are so many!

  • You can wear it to a Halloween or Toga costume party. Wrap a White flat sheet around you and tie at the shoulder for a darling Toga, or cut eye and mouth holes and drape over your head for a cute ghost at Halloween parties.
  • Use it as a hygiene cover for your duvet. Top the bed with a flat sheet, so that they can be laundered easily if you pets like to snuggle with you!
  • Use for paint drops, or car covers. If you’ve got an old stained flat sheet, you can use it as a tarp, car cover, paint drop, or a pet bed cover.
  • Pajamas, or drawstring paints. If you are handy with a sewing machine, the fabrics are often very softy and drapey, and would make great pajama tops and pants, or a nightgown.
  • Beach or lawn blanket. Spread it out as a clean barrier between you and the sand or grass. Easy to shake off and store.
  • Tent. The perfect size and weight for the children’s tent that always seems to get made between dining chairs or twin beds!
  • Smaller uses. If you can cut the flat sheet down, they can also be used for small pet bed covers, liners in pet carriers. Also as swaddling blankets, garage rags, stuffed animals, bandages. Or anything that you need a little ‘disposable’ fabric for.
  • Christmas tree covers. Flat sheets make a great ‘bag’ for covering your reusable Christmas tree.

I’m sure you can come up with numerous ways to use new or used flat sheets, they are so versatile!  BedVoyage

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