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Clever Ways to Reuse Packaging

Clever Ways to Reuse Packaging

Tips and Ways to Reuse Packaging:

Rather than tossing out our Linen Closet Storage Bag packaging when you purchase our products, there are numerous ways to reuse them! Some of my favorites ways to reuse packaging are:

Store your washed Bamboo Bed Sheets or Duvet Covers back in their packaging. This keeps them fresh and clean in the linen closet. It also shows you the size in case you have multiple bed sizes. Especially if you’re tired of having to figure out which sheets fit which bed!

Store your Coverlets during the summer, if they’re not needed on your bed.

I keep a few extra Storage Bags in my suitcase, in my car for my car blanket, and in my lingerie drawer for keeping delicate fabrics safe. You can store them in a Pillowcase to keep them fresh.

Using Packaging on Your Travels:

If you’re traveling, just tuck a few of the Linen Storage Bags in your suitcase and use them to store dirty laundry. You can put wet bathing suits, toiletries, shoes, or delicate fabrics into the bags. This keeps soiled or wet items away from clean items. Its never fun having your favorite top or swimsuit living with your dirty socks, so the bags will keep things nicely separated!

I keep my prior BedVoyage travel blankets under the sofa in a storage bag. Then I can just pull one out when needed, rather than have them always out on the sofa.

Our older style zippered plastic packaging that comes with the Coverlets are my favorite! I even store summer or winter clothes in them, and put them away in my closet until the right season comes to pull them back out.  They slide nicely under a bed too, keeping things dust free while not in use.

Check out our video below for examples:

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