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The Best Sheets for Winter and Summer

The Best Sheets for Winter and Summer

What Type of Bedsheet is Best for Winter?

Do you want the most cozy bed linens for chilly winter nights? We often plan for winter by getting out our winter coats, boots, and gloves. But do you do the same for your bed? Slipping into chilly sheets in the winter is nobody’s idea of fun. A lot of people look for cozy sheets to change to their winter bedding. It may also mean adding another blanket to your bed, or inserting a heavier comforter in your duvet.

Did you know you really only need one fabric for the entire year to stay comfortable? All you need is a great set or two of Bamboo Bed Sheets! Bamboo fibers are naturally thermal regulating, which is a fancy term for keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. BedVoyage calls them a Smart Fabric, because the fibers have micro-gaps and holes that allow for heat to release when you’re hot, and warmth to stay in when you’re cold.

Another benefit of bamboo bed sheets are that they are not super chilly when you slip into bed. The fabric is closer to room temperature, unlike chilly cotton sheets which are degrees cooler. Bamboo also warms up quickly, so a few seconds after you’ve gotten into bed; you are all cozy and relaxed.

What are the Best Bedsheets for Summer?

Remember how we just talked about the temperature regulating aspects of bamboo? They’re also fabulous for hot summer nights because the fibers release any built-up heat, so you sleep cooler.  Another reason they make great sheets for summer weather is because bamboo bedding is moisture-wicking. This means if you’re perspiring; the fabric will wick that moisture and evaporate it 3 times faster than cotton. This keeps you sleeping cool and dry, making them the best all season all season sheets, especially for hot sleepers.

On hot summer nights, you can even choose to simply have the flat sheet over your body, and you’ll still feel ‘covered’. The beautiful drape and weight of bamboo feels very comforting against your skin, like getting a gentle hug. You’ll also notice that as you start to heat up and need to move a leg or an arm, bamboo has a cooling feel to the fabric. They are super cozy bed linens for any season of the year. This may all sound too good to be true, but trust me, they are miracle sheets for people that sleep hot!

Are Bamboo Sheets Better for Summer or Winter?

Bamboo sheets are the best sheets for the entire year. A frugal way to look at them is that you only have to invest in 1-2 sets of bamboo sheets and you are set for every season. No need to keep flannels, cottons, jerseys or silks for the various changes of weather. Your all-season bedding set can simply be luxuriously silky-soft BedVoyage bamboo sheets that you can wash and put right back on the bed! In winter, you can add a bamboo duvet cover, and/or a bamboo coverlet for a little more added weight. Even if you like to sleep with a window cracked for fresh air, you will never feel chilly in your cozy bamboo bed linens. The most comfortable all season covers for your bed is to have a lightweight duvet on top of the sheets, then a coverlet over that.

How to Make a Cozy Bed:

What does a cozy bed mean to you? For some it means layers and layers of soft fabrics, lots of pillows, and a gloriously soft mattress. For others cozy bed linens may mean a fabulous set of exceptionally soft sheets, 2 incredible sleeping pillows, and 1 all-season cover to pull up as needed.  You can choose to layer in the winter, with extra duvets, coverlets, Euros and decorative pillows that make for a truly elegant yet cozy bed. Or you can choose to strip down to just a set of bamboo sheets and a thin coverlet, with minimal pillows for a cool summer bed. Either way, you can simply peel back one layer if you’re getting hot or add one more when feeling a little chilled.

Cozy Bedroom Ideas:

The softest materials are generally what makes a cozy bedroom. Along with some layers, a throw blanket, a soft armchair or chaise, and some mood lighting or candles. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, where you spend 7-9 hours per night. Often people scrimp on their bedroom, thinking ‘nobody sees it’. But they’re missing the point that it’s where they go to rest and get rejuvenated for the next day. If you’re tossing and turning on scratchy sheets, a hard mattress or lumpy pillows: you’re not getting the critical rest you need. Making a soft and cozy bedroom, is not simply because it makes you feel good, but because its necessary to feel great the next day!

Best Sheets for Comfort Creatures:

Do you consider yourself a comfort creature or sheet snob? When you shop for sheets, you may be looking for the highest thread count or specific fabrics or weaves. An interesting note is that BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets are 300 thread count, which may sound low for sheets, but are HIGH for bamboo!  If you’re used to looking for 500-1,000 thread count you might dismiss 300 thread count bamboo, but you’d be missing out because they feel like the best 1,000 thread count sheets you have ever slept on!

Some sheet snobs will search for sateen weaves, but not understand why their sheets pill. Pilling is the nubby little balled-up fibers that appear on sheets after sleeping on them a few times. BedVoyage uses a tight twill weave, which is a diagonal weave across the warp and weft, to locks in the fibers. This allows for exceptionally soft yet durable sheets that will never pill. Your BedVoyage sheets will stay smooth and luxuriously soft for many years to come.

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