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Best Luxury Beach Towels

Best Luxury Beach Towels

When I think of what I want in the best luxury beach towel, it usually has to do with feel and absorbency. Mainly because I want softness and comfort against my skin while I soak up some Vitamin D from the sun. Drying off quickly when getting out of the pool or ocean is another factor. For my personal choice of the best luxury beach towel; I’m looking primarily for those 2 qualities. Along with a quick dry towel and the softest towel, most people want a BIG towel! A towel that fits the length of your body from head to toe is a big win for most sunbathers. Otherwise, you’re asking the pool concierge for 2 shorter towels so you can cover your chaise, and that can feel wasteful. BedVoyage’s Bath Sheet and Pool Towel is 37×70 which is a great size for full-body coverage.

Best Beach Towels for Pool

Most resorts will supply pool towels, but they’re generally quite thin and not very large. They go through hundreds of pool towels per day, so they need ones that are not very expensive. They also suffer losses as some people walk off with the towels, which is again why they don’t often offer the best quality. If you want to pamper yourself with a luxury pool towel, bring your own!  The best beach towels for the pool will be large, soft, absorbent, and plush.

As well, the best beach towel for boating is also a bamboo towel because they’re so incredibly absorbent. Water and spray can come in while boating, a bamboo bath sheet and beach towel can be used as a wrap to keep you warm and dry. Due to the benefit of absorbent bamboo towels, they’re one of the best accessories you can have on a boat, at the pool or the beach.

What is the Difference Between a Bath Towel and a Beach Towel?

Size, it’s as simple as that. A standard bath towel dimension will be 30×54 while a bath sheet or beach towel will be 37×70. Bath towels are made smaller so that they can fit young children all the way up to adult, without being too big or cumbersome. Beach Towels and Bath Sheets are made larger for either taking to the pool, spa, beach, boating or simply laying in the sun. You want more of your body covered with a beach towel, so they’re oversized on purpose. Some people, tall men for example, really enjoy a bath sheet or beach towel size vs a bath towel.

Does a Towel Block UV Rays?

Cotton towels don’t have any natural UV protection, which is important when you’re out in the sun for many hours. Is bamboo fabric UV resistant? Yes, bamboo has the unique quality of being resistant to harmful UV rays. There are many studies done to show this amazing attribute of bamboo textiles and beach towels. There’s no other natural textile fiber that has this very useful property. Ultraviolet rays, or UV rays, are invisible radiation that come from our sun. Protecting your skin from any harmful rays can keep you from getting a sunburn.

How Can I Protect My Skin from Sun without Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a bit of a controversial topic, as some dermatologists believe you should be slathered from head to toe with sunscreen anytime you’re in the sun. Others feel that the chemicals and toxins in traditional sunscreens are unhealthy to apply to your bodies largest organ; the skin. There are a number of things you can do that are natural and healthier. Such as using organic coconut oil on your skin to build up natural immunity against burning.

You can also wear a hat and long sleeves when out in the sun for extended periods of time. In some countries they often use a parasol or umbrella as shade against the sun. Wearing sunglasses will shield your sun from any harmful rays, but many doctors agree that getting at least a few minutes of sun hitting your eyes to be quite beneficial. You can wear your sunglasses most of the time but allowing 5-10 minutes without them will even help you sleep better. Check out this article.

Many foods surprisingly help with natural sun protection. They have a theme of being red-colored such as red wine, red grapes, red peppers, strawberries, pomegranates, tomatoes, watermelon and cherries.

How to Shop for Bamboo Towels.

When shopping for the best bamboo towels, you can look for specific weights and certifications. GSM, which is grams per square meter, will give you clues to the quality of the towel. The higher the number, the more plush and weighty the towel will be. BedVoyage towels are made at 600 GSM which is quite high for a luxury spa towel.

The quality certifications to look for are noted below:

* Global Organic Textile Standard (ensures that the organic status of textiles from harvesting all the way to the finished product.

* OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (the world’s best-known label for textiles tested for harmful substances.

* Forest Stewardship Council Certification (promotes responsible management of the world’s forests)

* Fair Trade Certified (items made by people in safe and healthy working conditions)

How Should I Care for a Bamboo Towel?

We recommend using a gentle liquid detergent when laundering your bamboo towels. Powder detergents can stick to the fabric and not rinse out well. And any laundry soap that says it gets grass stains out of jeans is just too harsh for most fine fabrics. Washer and dryer balls can tug and pull on the pile loops of towels, so we don’t recommend using them. Check out our Stain Guide for tough stains.

Take care of your luxury towels by laundering with a gentle liquid detergent. Washing and drying your bamboo towel is easy, they launder just like cotton towels. BedVoyage Bath Sheet & Beach Towels come with a sturdy hang-tag so that after you’ve used it; simply hang dry to use again.

Chlorine is used in most pools to kill bacteria and algae but can make your swimsuit and luxury pool towels smell like bleach. Its highly recommended to thoroughly rinse your swimsuits and beach towels after being exposed to chlorine. The elastic in most women’s swimsuits can degrade when exposed to chlorine. Due to that, if you want to add longevity to your swimsuit and beach towels, rinse them or launder as soon as possible.

Are Bamboo Towels Better than Cotton?

One of the benefits of bamboo towels vs cotton towels is that bamboo towels are much more resistant to mildew and odors. If you’re traveling with your own bamboo beach towel; you can reuse it for days by simply hanging it to dry. Some Airbnb or VRBO resorts may not supply luxury beach towels during your stay, so bringing your own bamboo beach towel is advised. Also, bamboo towels wick moisture 3 times faster than cotton towels. You’ll dry off much quicker with a bamboo beach or spa towel than you will with cotton. They’re also so much softer than cotton, when you first feel a bamboo towel you may think they’re too soft to dry you off, but it’s quite the opposite! Bamboo towels are known and loved for their super-absorbency.

Best Kids Beach Towel:

Kids love to splash in the pool for hours but can get a bit chilly when they get out of the pool. Having a Bamboo Hooded Towel to wrap around them the moment they get out is perfect. The best kids beach towel will be one that covers their head when they’ve had too much sun, or their hair is wet. It will also be one that is generously sized so they can wrap it all the way around themselves. And as bamboo towels offer that natural UV protection, you can keep your little one safer from sunburns.

Have fun in the sun~

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