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Best Housewarming Gifts

Best Housewarming Gifts

When it comes to gift-giving, we at BedVoyage feel confident that you can find something for anyone on your list. Amazingly luxurious, soft and beautiful linens are always well-received, and we specialize in creating fabulous Bamboo Linens for Bed, Bath and Baby!

From silky bamboo bedsheets, to cooling duvet covers, to plush and absorbent towels, to breathable swaddles; we’ve got your linen needs covered. We offer bamboo products for the entire family, and all age groups from babies to boomers!

The gift of bamboo is enduring because the recipient will enjoy the luxury of their linens for many years to come, and will remember fondly the person who gifted them.  BedVoyage Bed Sheet Sets, Bath Towels, Coverlets, and Baby Linens are so finely constructed that they’ll last through hundreds of washings.  People want to feel proud of the gift they give, and hope that their loved one appreciates it. We have hundreds of testimonials on our site that showcase how our linens have helped people sleep better, bathe healthier and wrap their baby in eco-friendly comfort.

Why are Bamboo Linens Good as Gifts?

Bamboo fabrics have many unique qualities that cotton linens do not. They’re naturally resistant to odors, mildew and bacteria so your Towels and Sheets stay fresh longer.  No more overheating, as bamboo fibers are super-breathable which helps people sleep cooler. Pesticides or fertilizers are not needed during the growing of bamboo. This makes it a more sustainable crop than cotton, which uses a huge amount of toxic chemicals while growing.  The silky softness of bamboo is due to the very fine and round fibers. This offers the benefit of being hypoallergenic, as the fabrics won’t irritate those who suffer from skin irritations.

For all those reasons; give the gift of BedVoyage Luxury Linens to your loves ones. You’ll both be happy you did!

Best Housewarming Gifts:

Everyone loves a great housewarming party and helping their loved one celebrate their new home!  A great gift is to outfit a bathroom with a full set of new matching towels with the BedVoyage 8pc Towel Set. It consists of 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels and 4 Washcloths, in 4 color options: White, Sage, Champagne and Indigo. A Melange 3pc Towel Set is also a big winner, as it has 1 plush Bath Sheet and 2 matching Hand Towels, in neutral color options of Charcoal or Sand.  A Bamboo Coverlet is also a wonderful gift, as it can be used on the bed or the sofa. Its lightweight but with enough heft to take away any chill during sleep, or movie-watching night.

Best Wedding Gifts:

Newly married means a fresh start, a new partnership of love and joy, and new adventures together. Start the couple off right with a brand-new set of silky-soft Bed Sheets, they’ll feel so pampered and spoiled each night when they slip into bed. Customers tell us of how they feel like its ‘slipping into butter’ or they want to do snow-angels when they get into bed. Truly, BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets are THAT good! Most people that sleep on bamboo will never go back to cotton, it feels scratchy and loud (yep, loud!) compared to the incredible feel of bamboo against their skin.

Best Baby Shower Gifts:

Virtually no fabric feels softer to tender newborn skin than bamboo. The hypoallergenic silky-softness is very comforting against their skin. BedVoyage offers Swaddles, Crib Sheets, Hooded Towels, and Baby Washcloths in our Panda Baby line. And the best giftable options are the Panda Baby Hooded Towel Set, or the Panda Baby Bath Essentials.  They both come with a Hooded Towel and Washcloth(s) with a ribbon that makes it festive and giftable.

Best Hostess Gifts:

We offer a number of items that are super giftable for the host or hostess. A set of Melange Hand Towels are perfect for the guest bath or kitchen, super plush and absorbent. Our Facial Washcloth Set comes in a 6pk of all Black so makeup stains are never a problem, and they’re gentle enough for all skin types. A set of Bamboo Pillowcases are well received by anyone who wants to pamper their skin and hair while sleeping. Standard or Euro shams are a nice touch of elegance to any bedroom décor. These gifts range from $35-$45 so they won’t break the bank!

Best Pregnancy Gift:

Whether it’s just ‘For Her’ during this special time, or for the new baby’s needs; you’ll find a number of options at BedVoyage.  Our Ivory Maternity Bed Sheet Sets are the perfect skin-friendly bedding, as they’re super gentle on ever-expanding and sensitive skin.  Women often overheat during pregnancy, so the cooling and soothing fabrics help her to sleep better. The oversized Melange Bath Sheet is also big enough to wrap around her baby bump, and keep her warm from the bath or shower.  Anything from our Panda Baby line will be appreciated by the expectant mom. The Hooded Towel Set or Bath Essentials include the bath items all babies need. And our Swaddles and Fitted Crib Sheets let you snuggle your baby into eco-friendly breathable bamboo fabrics, which calm mom and baby!

Best Mother’s Day Gifts

To really pamper a hard-working mom; a new elegant BedVoyage Coverlet and matching Euro Shams will make her bedroom look and feel like a luxury resort. The subtle sheen of the fabrics, with the classic brick-pattern quilting is simply stunning. We offer them in 5 colors, and 3 different decorative pillow options: Quilted Standard Shams, Euro Shams, and Decorative Throw Pillows. She’ll even be proud to show off her bedroom to friends and family, it will look so polished! Of course, you can always add a beautiful Duvet Cover to layer under or over the Coverlet, which takes the look to an entirely new level of style and comfort!

Best Father’s Day Gifts

Most men will tell you that they love a truly absorbent towel! They say its hard to find a good one that doesn’t just push the water around on their body. With hair on their arms and legs, a plush and absorbent towel is a must. BedVoyage Melange Bath Sheets are oversized and comfortable for everyone.  Of course, our Bed Sheets are also a well-received gift, because who doesn’t want the gift of better sleep?  Sleeping cooler is a plus for many men, and with the incredible lightweight and silky drape of our sheets; every man will feel indulged.

Best College Gifts

Going off to college usually means that the student needs to bring their own linens. We know that college kids are concentrating on their studies and not so much on washing their clothes and sheets!  So, if you can start them off with naturally odor and bacteria-resistant Bed Sheets and Towels; you’re helping them save time. BedVoyage makes TwinXL size Bed Sheets that fit college dorm beds, as well as Twin and Full size sheets if they are staying off-campus.  We also offer Twin Duvet Covers to complete their bed and keep them cozy and warm. The 3pc Bamboo Towel Sets or 8pc Bamboo Towel Sets fill the need for towels that can be reused for days, as they’re resistant to bacteria so they won’t get a mildew smell between washings.

I hope you learned many gift-giving ideas for gifting true luxury with BedVoyage Bamboo Linens. Anyone will truly appreciate the thought, kindness and gift of sustainable comfort that you’ve given them. They be converted over to bamboo, never to go back to cotton!  And smart gifters like to keep a few items in a special gift closet of which they can grab a hostess gift or housewarming gift whenever the need arises!

Happy Gifting~

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