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BedVoyage Customer Reviews

BedVoyage Customer Reviews

What BedVoyage Customer Reviews Tell You about Sleeping on Bamboo Sheets:

Sleep is a precious thing, and a great sleep on amazing sheets is even better. I’ve ended up with way too many sets of sheets because I’m a sheet snob and always trying to find the best. I could open a Bed and Breakfast and not have to buy any linens! Read more BedVoyage Customer Reviews here.

Sheila, PA says: I’ve slept on Egyptian cotton, sateen, combed cotton, Italian linens, Pima cotton, high thread count, low thread count and everything in between. I like to think of my bed as a sanctuary and greatly adore soft linens. Which is why I’m all-ears when someone is talking about a new find.  When I heard about bamboo sheets I was surprised because bamboo doesn’t sound soft, it sounds stiff and tree-barkish. I bought a set of BedVoyage sheets because I’m always hunting. They arrived and looked so pretty, and felt incredibly silky smooth to the touch. I washed them as instructed in warm water and dried on medium. When I pulled them out of the drier they were so soft, I wanted to wrap up and never take them off!

I could barely wait to slip into my bamboo sheets that night, and give them a try. I was completely SHOCKED at how soft they were! With a big sigh of content I realized I’d found the thing I’d been hoping and trying to find for years. They drape so great against my skin that it felt like by bed was hugging me.

Has Your Hunt for the Best Sheets Possibly Ended?

Kathryn, HI says: When my husband came to bed later that night, I was woken up to “Whoa! What are these?” Now when a man actually notices what he’s sleeping on, THAT says something! And his been on this ride for BEST SHEETS with me for some time, new and different sheets are something he’s used to. When I told him they were bamboo sheets he couldn’t believe it. He said “are you done?” I laughed and said “I think my hunt is over”.

Are Bamboo Sheets Cooler than Cotton Sheets?

Karla, WA says: Besides the feel, I love many other things about them, I stay cooler when I’m overheating. But they’re also not shiver-cold when I get into bed, like cotton. One of the main reasons I bought the linens is because I’d heard they’re good for hot flashes, and I am there, darn it! Now I don’t toss the covers off during the night or adjusting the thermostat, because I’m staying cooler than before. I’ve been sleeping much more comfortably, and I wake up feeling like I’ve slept well. This is a big deal to me because I used to lose sleep from being way too hot at night. And what’s even better is that when I perspire the sheets dry faster than cotton, and they seem to stay fresher longer.

Karissa: Changing the bed is a chore, and now I don’t have to change the bed as often. If you can sleep cooler, drier and on the softest sheets you’ve ever felt, doesn’t that sound like a dream? It does to me. My hunt is over and I am so pleased with my bamboo sheets that I’m telling everyone I know!

BedVoyage Maternity Sheets:

Mandie:  My pregnant girlfriend received a set of your sheets and told me about them, I’m 7 months in and my husband was a gem and got me some a couple weeks ago. Its been a sleep-saver for sure, I’ve gotten huge and grossly hot at night and my belly itches and is tight, and finally some sheets that feel amazing, keep me cooler, and don’t tug at my sore skin. I am truly appreciative for these beautiful sheets, and the best part: I get to keep using them long after my daughter is born! i hear you make crib sheets too, so those are on my baby-shower list!

We at BedVoyage LOVE hearing customer reviews, and feedback. Tell us your thoughts!

Sweet Dreams~

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