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Bamboo vs Down Pillows and Comforters

Bamboo vs Down Pillows and Comforters

Bamboo vs Down:

More and more people are turning to fabric items made from bamboo, vs down or silk, because those products are made using animal by-products. Bamboo is Panda-friendly, as its organically farmed and raised for textiles, not cutting down natural habitats of the Panda. Additionally, the bamboo stalks are cut at the base and regrown, year after year (unlike down, which is plucking feathers from unsuspecting geese!) The fabric can be thinner, yet still be extremely durable and long lasting. This means the fabric and filling used in bamboo duvets will be very light and similar to a down filled duvet. The bamboo fill and fabric is also very breathable, usually keeping the sleeper about three degrees cooler than down or silk! That is a big deal for anyone that might have hot flashes or night sweats, or live in really humid climates.

Bamboo Pillows and Comforters:


  • Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources, its vegan friendly bedding, and safer for the planet!
  • Hypoallergenic, great for people who suffer from allergies or skin sensitivities.
  • Incredibly soft.
  • Neutralizes bad odors.
  • Breathable fabric, to help keep you cooler while sleeping.
  • Lightweight, similar to down pillow and comforters.
  • Resistant to dust mites and mildew.
  • Adjusts to your body’s temperature, making them an all-season option.
  • Machine wash and dry.
  • Protects against bacteria and dust mites.
  • Perfect for people with asthma, allergies and lung problems

The comforter and pillow you sleep with should be soft, delicate, and allergen-free! We all want to sleep well, and if you have a hot, heavy or chemical-smelling item in your bed, you’ll not wake refreshed and ready for your day. Poor sleep really affects your mood and productivity, so if you want to transform your bed with bamboo fiber-filled pillows and comforters, you can greatly improve your sleep!

The shell of the bamboo comforter and pillow is 100% bamboo, which is temperature-regulating and provides the softest touch. The filling is also made exclusively of bamboo, which is something you don’t see often, most ‘bamboo’ comforters only use bamboo fabric on the outer, and then a polyester filling. This makes a bamboo-fill comforter moisture wicking and hypoallergenic, as those are naturally inherent qualities of bamboo. The box stitching and the jacquard print prevent the comforter from getting flat and changing shape over time. We feel confident you’ll love this comforter for many years to come.

Care of Bamboo Comforters and Pillows:

We recommend that you wash your bamboo pillow and comforter once every three to six months if you want your them to remain fluffy, odor-free and long lasting. Use a liquid eco-friendly detergent, and dry on low to medium heat. Remove and fluff.

Now let’s learn a bit about down fills.

Down Pillows and Comforters:


  • Durable.
  • Light weight.
  • Really flexible.
  • Superior softness.


  • Can be more costly than bamboo.
  • Requires shaking and fluffing to maintain.
  • Many people are allergic to down.
  • May have an odor from chemicals used to sanitize the feathers.
  • The fluff tends to flatten and sink in further throughout the night.
  • The quills can be uncomfortable when they poke through the outer fabric.
  • Most require dry cleaning.

One of the cons to down filled duvets is allergens, it can really kick up allergies if you’re allergic to dust mites (but they don’t like bamboo) or chemicals that treat the feathers before they stuff the comforter and pillow. This is one reason why many are turning to duvets filled with rayon/viscose bamboo, which is hypoallergenic and reduces allergic reactions. As well, down generally needs to be dry-cleaned, which adds cost and chemicals!

Frequently asked Questions:

Are Bamboo Comforters Good? They are an all-season alternative to heavy downs or wool. Super breathable, they allow hot and cold sleepers to both sleep comfortably, right next to each other.

What is the Most Breathable Comforter? Bamboo’s micro-gaps and holes in the fibers allow heat to either release if you are overheating, or stay in if you are cold. BedVoyage refers to it as a ‘smart fabric’.

What is inside a bamboo pillow? Some bamboo pillows only use a bamboo cover, with polyester fill. But BedVoyage bamboo pillowcases are 100% bamboo in the outer fabric and the inner fill, with no polyester to be found!

How Do You Wash Bamboo Comforters and Pillows: We recommend that every 3 to 6 months you wash your pillow and comforter, using a liquid eco-friendly detergent such as Ecos, and dry on low to medium heat. Remove and fluff.

Check out our Bamboo Pillowcases and our Bamboo Duvet Covers, to go over those great pillows and comforters!

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