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5 Ways to Stay Comfortable While Pregnant

5 Ways to Stay Comfortable While Pregnant

1. Wear Loose Fitting Clothing as 1 of Your 5 Ways to stay comfortable while pregnant:

When it comes to being pregnant, your skin is sensitive as it’s constantly growing. For this reason, its important to wear comfortable, loose fitting fabrics as well as comfortable shoes.

Maxi dresses. A form-fitting version of this popular comfy dress may help to make you feel less frumpy as your body and silhouette change.

T-shirts and tanks. Buy a few stretchy maternity T-shirts in classic colors: white, gray and black. Nothing tops off a pair of (maternity) jeans better than ultra comfortable Tees.

Leggings for days. A few pairs of maternity leggings worn in rotation, will be a lifesaver. Leggings mold to your body and are hands-down the best option for comfort, and if you run hot; get them in bamboo.

For inexpensive and trendy maternity clothes try:

Hatch Collection


Ingrid & Isabel

2. Say No to Fragrances and Perfumes

During pregnancy any and all smells can make you nauseous. Instead of perfumes, try using stretch-mark oils or essential oils, not only can they help reduce stretch marks, but they are lightly scented which might be all you need. To stay comfortable while pregnant, using yummy smelling scents can really help relax you, and your jumpy tummy!

Our Favorites:




3. Use Natural Cosmetic and Skincare Products

Pregnancy-safe makeup isn’t only better for baby – it’s also totally gorgeous. Some beauty products might simply irritate your newly sensitive skin, but others could be harmful to your growing baby. When you’re on the hunt for pregnancy-safe makeup, natural beauty products can be your saving grace.

For the best coverage and most natural:

100% Pure

Juice Beauty


4. Change your Bedding

Several pregnant women suffer from fatigue, overheating, aches, pains and other conditions. However, one of the biggest challenges is getting a good night’s sleep.

Maternity/Postpartum Sheets: bamboo sheets are an excellent choice of bedding for pregnant women because they can provide a bunch of comfort benefits throughout your pregnancy, and during nursing:

  • Stay dry all night
  • Absorb moisture
  • Breath extremely well
  • Dose not cling to the skin
  • Decrease tossing and turning
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Chemical free, dye free
  • Extremely soft and pampering

Did you know that bedding that is “wrinkle-free” contains formaldehyde? This chemical is used as an “embalming fluid” which coats the fabric to prevent the fibers in the fabric from wrinkling after being washed. Formaldehyde is especially harmful when pregnant because it is known to cause cancer, skin irritation, and much more. If you want a more organic alternative to your bed sheets, its worth investing in bamboo bedding. Bamboo is naturally resistant to odors, bacteria, and mildew as well as being hypoallergenic. If you’re looking to change your bedding, BedVoyage’s Bamboo Maternity sheets are undyed, indescribably soft, and allow you to sleep cooler as the fabric adjusts to your body’s temperature. By changing your bedding, you will be able to sleep soundly, knowing you and your baby will be free of chemicals.

Here are our top maternity sleep solutions:

BedVoyage Maternity/Nursing Bedding Sheets

Cozypure Organic Pillows

Bamboo Maternity/Nursing Robe

5. Relax and Take a Bath

Lastly – when all else fails, and you’re feeling miserable – take a bath or shower to soothe aches and pains, but make sure to put down a rubber mat – No pregnant woman wants to end up slipping and falling at this time in her life. Not just because you could get hurt but because, even worse, your baby could too. Keep the temperature down, Moms-to-be can end up feeling dizzy a lot more easily than other people because of the changes to the blood flow that happen in pregnancy. Use organic or natural body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

Best natural Bath washes:

Puracy body wash

Earth Mama organics

Babo Hair Products

You can read more about formaldehyde here:

Those are 5 Ways to Stay Comfortable While Pregnant, courtesy of BedVoyage. And we know you’ll have many more of your own to add!

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