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BedVoyage Melange Viscose from Bamboo Cotton Pillowcases

Melange Bamboo pillowcases are the perfect all-season solution as they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The smooth round fibers help limit creases on your face and won’t tug on fragile hair.

As mélange bamboo is a naturally cooling fabric, you’ll sleep better as you won’t need to flip your pillow to find a cool spot. Melange Bamboo pillow covers are super cozy and comforting for your best sleep. Additionally, the pillow cases are BPO/Retinol safe, ensuring that lotions won't stain.

Melange Pillowcases FAQs

What detergent do you use on melange pillowcases?

We recommend a mild liquid detergent like Ecos, Mrs. Myers, Woolite, Seventh Generation, ECover, or Kirkland Ultra Clean. We do not recommend bleach, fabric softeners, washer balls or dryer sheets/balls. We’ve noticed that harsher detergents can break down the fibers faster, shortening the lifespan of the linens and creating tears at the seams. 

What is the closure type?

We use an envelope enclosure on our pillowcases, so that your pillow does not escape while sleeping!

Do melange pillowcases wrinkle?

Expect a soft wrinkle where your head lies, but each time you wash them they come out smooth and soft again!

Do melange pillowcases shrink?

Bamboo fabrics will shrink a bit the first time you wash, so we've oversized them to allow for that shrinkage.

What is the thread count of melange pillowcases?

300, but it feels like 1,000! Many beieve that high thread counts equate to softest feel, but you can spend a lot more money trying to achieve the feeling bamboo offers at an affordable price! Additionally, in the bamboo world, a thread count of 300 is quite high. We’ve chosen 300 thread count as the sweet-spot for keeping the breathability of the linens, but also the comfy feel.

Will oil stains come out of melange pillowcases?

Yes, proper pre-treating before laundering will help remove stains. We recommend a stain or spot remover applied to the stain, wet the fabric, and let soak for 30-60 minutes before laundering. Melange Pillowcases are bleachable, BPO safe, and will last a long time with proper care.

Can I iron melange pillowcases?

Yes, you can iron them and even use high heat and steam, it will not hurt them. But another trick is that if you dry them on high for the last 10 minutes of the cycle (if you forgot to take them out immediately) they will come out smoother. 

Are melange pillowcases gentle to skin and hair?

Yes, the fabrics have very smooth and round fibers that will not tug or pull at your skin or hair. And as bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, its great for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin.

How long will melange pillowcases last?

They should last 5-7 years if you follow our care instructions and launder them properly.

Do the colors fade?

No, the unique coloring method of melange fibers mean the colors stay true. We do recommend laundering lights with lights, and dark with darks to keep colors from bleeding.

Can I buy extra pillowcases?

Yes, a set comes with 2 pillowcases, but if you need additional sets please visit our Pillowcase page.

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