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Why Bamboo Pillowcases and Sheets are 2020’s Gift-Worthy Obsession!

Why Bamboo Pillowcases and Sheets are 2020’s Gift-Worthy Obsession!

What are the Best Sheets to Sleep On?

Have you ever spent the night at a friend or relatives home and went to get up a cup of coffee and the first words out of your mouth were ‘what was that insanely awesome bedding I was sleeping on, and where did you get them?! I am obsessed!’ Well, we understand this is not your typical good-morning conversation, but seriously; if you were sleeping on BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets and Pillowcases; you WILL say those words!

What Do You Buy the Person That Has Everything?

Bamboo Sheets! Give the best gift ever, the gift of great sleep. Bamboo has it all over cotton, there is simply no comparison. People that sleep on bamboo sheets give away or relegate their cotton sheets as rags, never to look back. If you have eco-conscious loved ones, they’ll appreciated that BedVoyage uses only organically grown bamboo in the creation of their scrumptiously soft linens. The bamboo is farmed, not cut from natural forests, thereby being panda-friendly. All the colors are made using Fiber Reactive Dyes which are earth-friendly. With the whole line from Bed Sheets to Coverlets to Baby Linens, you can find the perfect gift for any age, or discerning (ok, picky) loved one. 

How to Make Your Houseguests Happy with Bamboo Sheets:

Not many people enjoy a cranky house-guest. So if you want them to get up on the right side of the bed (sorry, bedding joke) then put BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets and Pillowcases on the bed. They’re dreamily soft, feel exquisite against your skin, and when you move an arm or leg you get a nice cool and silky feeling. Truly the BEST sheets for your own bed, and for your guest room. And don’t forget about the kids, once they sneak into your bed to watch cartoons in the morning and realize you’ve been saving the ‘good stuff’ for yourself, they will ask (beg) for BedVoyage sheets for their room! You’ll have spoiled them against cotton forever. But what’s a little more spoiling, we love our kiddos, right!?

How to Stop Losing Your Hair in Bed, with Bamboo Pillowcases:

Upgrade your pillowcase, bamboo is the beauty secret to waking with great hair and skin. Bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic and super silky-soft against your skin. The fibers are woven so round and smooth that they don’t tug and pull at your hair or skin while sleeping. Imagine a cotton thread under a microscope, it would look like a rough old rope, all frayed and scratchy. A bamboo thread would look like a hair on your head, tubular and smooth. You can move your head about on the pillowcase during the night and bamboo fibers will be gentle and soft against your hair and skin. If you’re of the semi-balding persuasion or have aging or sensitive skin, you’ll feel you’ve found the best miracle gel or cream you’ve ever seen! Wake up feeling refreshed, with no bed-head or creased face.

Which Sheets are Quieter?

More than once we’ve heard this comment ‘Bamboo is so quiet, cotton is so LOUD!' Cotton sheets make all kinds of noises when you turn over at night, or when you push the sheets back to go use the restroom. You can literally wake up your partner with all that crunchy, crackly and loud noises that cotton makes. The smoothness of bamboo fibers make BedVoyage pillowcases and sheets whisper-soft and quiet. Sneak-proof!

How To Sleep Cooler:

Again, sleep on Bamboo Sheets! They’re naturally thermal regulating, which means hot sleepers sleep cooler. Bamboo fibers breath, meaning air escapes through the tiny micro-gaps and holes and keeps you cooler. People who have hot-flashes or perspire in bed love bamboo Sheets and Pillowcases because they don’t overheat the same way you can in cotton. The fibers also wick away moisture and evaporate it 3 times faster than cotton, so you won’t wake up with soaked sheets. Would it be too much to tell you that bamboo sheets are also odor-resistant? its true! Bacteria does not flourish in bamboo sheets (or towels) so you can sleep on them longer than cotton, and they’ll smell fresher between washings.

Testimonials for Bamboo Bed Sheets:

SleepFoundation named BedVoyage sheets as ‘Most Eco-Friendly’ in their 2020 review of Bamboo Bedding.

I seriously think I’ve been spoiled beyond hope by these sheets. Everything else feels like sandpaper to me now. Stephanie

I feel I can confidently say you haven’t truly lived until you’ve tried these sheets. Eliza

The BedVoyage sheets are so soft and comfortable. My parents, brother, and I all have either the duvet or sheet set, and we love them! I’ve never slept in such wonderful sheets before. Michala

I love the softness of my sheets. They are kinda like icing on the cake, smooth and silky! I’m going to purchase more! Susie

A great way to end a stressful day is crawl in a bed with BedVoyage sheets and duvets and drift off to dreamland. Scott

My 9 year old daughter and I are both in LOVE with your sheets! Thank you for such a wonderful night’s sleep! Joan

Just a quick note: thank you for such high-quality affordable bedding that feels luxurious AND is gentle to use for sensitive skin sufferers!! Dr. Hanna

BedVoyage Bamboo linens are to the bed what gourmet food is to the kitchen. Peggy

The real endorsement comes from my husband, who actually commented on their feel and size (first linens he has commented on) I’m replacing all of our linens with BedVoyage ones! Christa

How Do Bamboo Bed Sheets Compare to Silk?

BedVoyage Bamboo bedding is VEGAN and there’s no animal cruelty (such as silk worms; spinning, spinning, spinning…..!) So invest in your good sleep, with clean bedding that is environmentally eco-friendly, and get some of the best rest of your life! Visit

Sweet Dreams~

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