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Tips on How to Stop Snoring

Tips on How to Stop Snoring

Snoring is no fun for anyone, not for the snorer, nor for the person who may be sleeping (or not!) next to you. Snoring can occur to almost anyone, from children to the elderly, male or female, thin or heavier. There are certainly things that you may be doing that can aggravate or worsen snoring, as well as things that could alleviate it. Let’s discuss some tips on how to stop snoring, or at least alleviate it or the symptoms. We’ll share some products that can help you to rest easier.  

What is Snoring?

When you’re sleeping, the muscles in your body relax. This includes the soft palate of your mouth, which is the area where your uvula is located. Generally, its strong and firm during the day, but becomes softer when you sleep. While you breath, the vibration of this soft tissue creates the sound of snoring. It’s considered a sleeping disorder and can lead to some health issues. Severe snoring can lead to very restless sleep, for both yourself and your partner. Most people have had the displeasure of hearing someone in another room, on a plane, or in a hotel snoring so loudly you could barely sleep!

Why Do I Snore?

Studies vary, but its reported that between 33%-44% of men and 19%-28% of women snore, and that by age 60 about half of all people snore. There are many things that can cause snoring. For some, it may be that they carry extra weight, and this adds pressure to their throat when sleeping. Smoking can irritate and inflame the upper airways, which cause snoring. Even non-smokers that live in the same household as a smoker can be affected and begin snoring. If you’ve had alcohol within a few hours of going to sleep, this can cause snoring as well, as it relaxes the muscles more than normal. People that sleep on their back snore more often, and louder, than people that sleep on their sides.

What Are Some Symptoms of Snoring? How Do I Know if I’m Snoring?

There are a few ways you can tell if you’ve been snoring during the night. Well, the obvious is to ask your partner, they will be sure to tell you!  Chronic fatigue is a good sign that you’re not sleeping well. You may be tossing and turning due to keeping yourself partially awake from your own snoring. It can sap the energy from you, and make you feel exhausted during the day. Another is your mood, if you’re in a bad mood, and seem to bicker with your partner or others, you may be lacking sleep.

Studies show that marital stress can be a side-effect of snoring, as you may both be suffering from little sleep, which can make both parties grumpy.  Dry, sore or scratchy throat can be caused by the intake of air from an open mouth while sleeping. If you wake with a sore throat and need to drink fluids immediately upon waking, you may be snoring. Headaches and depression can also be a sign that you’re not getting quality sleep.

What Products Can Help Me Stop Snoring or Sleep Better?  

Thankfully, there are so many products on the market that can help alleviate snoring, or at least help you to sleep more soundly!  There are nasal dilators, mouthpieces, sleep teas, melatonin, and sleep sprays. To get more invasive, there are palatal implants, tongue stabilizers, and laser surgery. Or you can try red light therapy, great bamboo sheets, throat exercises, nasal strips, CBD gummies, and changing your sleep position.  Let’s talk about 5 products, all brands from the Pacific Northwest area of Washington State, where BedVoyage is located.

BREZ nasal dilators, by O2 Armor:  Brez is an internal nasal dilator, it fits inside your nostrils, and causes the airway to open further. Studies show that internal dilators work better than external, which are those nasal strips. Opening the airway causes air to flow better, so you can get a deeper breath of air while sleeping. A study Brez conducted showed that 88% of people had improved quality of sleep, and less snoring.

BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets: we just have to brag a little about the amount of testimonials in which our customers have told us that they have never slept better than on our bamboo sheets! When your bed sheets are super soft, cozy, cooling, and silky to the touch, you simply rest easier. Once you sleep on bamboo you won’t go back to ordinary cotton sheets.

Green Queen CBD Gummies, by Bizzy CDB: they offer full-body relaxation, within 15-60 minutes. They taste great, are vegan, gluten and chemical free, and do not give a head-high like some THC gummies. They allow you to get calm before bed, helping you to fall asleep easier. Our BedVoyage CEO has also used this product and felt very relaxed at bedtime and ready to drift off into great sleep!

Knockout Tea, by Market Spice Teas: this is their most popular sleep aid, which they claim will ‘send you into dreamland’ which sounds very nice! It has Rosehips, Chamomile, Raspberry, Catnip (we now that makes cats sleepy!) Hops and Stevia Herbs. BedVoyage CEO has used this product and said ‘I slept soundly through the night, which rarely happens for me, this tea works!’

Red Light Therapy, by BodyWorks:  red light wavelengths are emitted that are therapeutic and stimulate the production of melatonin. They can be used during the day as well, as studies show that a combination of red and ambient white light during the day improve circadian rhythms. Along with sleep, other benefits of Red Light Therapy include:

* Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

* Shrink pore size

* Reduce redness (especially post-treatment redness)

* Stimulate collagen

* Optimize your overall skin function

* Improve skin tone

* Promote a glowing, healthy complexion

* Red light therapy is non-invasive, painless, and requires no downtime! 

Other Tips to Help Alleviate Snoring:

These may fall in the no-fun zone for some people, but there are lifestyle changes that you can make that could reduce snoring. Limiting or reducing alcohol is one option. Even trying to stop drinking 5 hours before bed will help you sleep more soundly. Quitting smoking can be great for many more health aspects than just snoring. Changing your sleep position to sleeping on your side, it may take some training if you are a back-sleeper, but it will really help. Exercise and weight loss can greatly reduce snoring, as that extra weight you carry in your throat will minimize.  These are big lifestyle changes, but if snoring is really affecting you or your partner, it will have a great impact on your sleep, and your life!

Sweet Dreams~

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