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Tips on How to Make Your Home Look Lovely and Fresh in No Time

Tips on How to Make Your Home Look Lovely and Fresh in No Time

Our home should be the one place where we feel the most comfortable. It should also be our go-to sanctuary when life is a little hectic – our haven in a storm of stress. However, your home might not feel like a place you want to come back to because it looks and feels a little outdated. If your home needs some help moving into the 21st century, we offer some tips on how to make your home look lovely and give it a fresh look.

Add a Coat of Paint to Walls or Furniture

Adding a fresh coat of paint to a drab-looking wall can give it that appeal you’ve been looking for. Go for pops of color and add a statement wall to your home to create a focal point that’s more visually interesting. You can also apply paint to furniture if you want to give old and outdated furniture a fresh, new feel. For example, if you are into upcycling furniture, you could use chalk paint to give your furniture a weathered and antique look. Moreover, with chalk paint, you don’t have to apply primer first and can complete the job in more or less one go.

Look for Lost and Forgotten Spaces to Transform

Perhaps you feel like your home is a bit disjointed, in that some rooms look better than others. If that’s the case, it could be time to think of ways to revamp a room you don’t use anymore into a place where you can relax, do crafts, or work out, for example. You can even turn this into your own little DIY project to personalize according to what you love and have a preference for.

Make Strategic Upgrades     

You don’t have to completely renovate your home to make it feel more modern, but you may want to make some strategic upgrades in addition to painting. Just make sure that whatever you choose to do will also increase your property value, so you may want to do a little research first. However, some upgrades that will stand the test of time are updating the hardware and lighting around your home, replacing doors or moldings, adding plants outside for curb appeal, and polishing – if not updating – the flooring.

Update Your Bathroom

There are inexpensive ways to upgrade your bathroom décor without tearing out any fixtures or cabinetry. Updating your mirrors is a very simple way to modernize the bathroom. Many home-goods stores have an array of options. You can choose to install one oversized mirror or 2 smaller matching mirrors. Possibly you need a new shower curtain and matching rugs, there are hundreds of online options to sift through. A simple and elegant upgrade is to swap out your towels with a new set of bamboo towels to add softness and luxury to the room. Bamboo towels are odor and mildew resistant, as an added bonus. The suite of soap and hand lotion dispensers, tissue box, and waste basket can be a quick and easy way to upgrade your bathroom design. A little paint or wallpaper can work wonders in a small space, and totally refresh the look.

Make Way for Stuff You Really Need

If your home is feeling packed to the max, and you can see there is a need for an exercise of decluttering, then be sure to set aside time to clear away the clutter. Creating a more clean, tidy, and organized space can work wonders for your mental health without you having to do anything else decor-wise. For example, if your home office is strewn with paperwork and documents, why not scan all your documents and store them online? You can combine a number of pages and condense them into one PDF to refer back to on your desktop or mobile phone—click here for more info. You may want to organize like-kind information into pretty 3-ring binders so you have quick access to that information.  

Bring the Outdoors Inside

There’s something instantly calming and invigorating when we are surrounded by nature, so why not bring a touch of the outdoors inside by decorating your home with indoor houseplants such as the String of Hearts, the Peace Lily, or the Philodendron? Or better yet, have your own outdoor modular space, which could be a place you get to escape when you don’t feel like being indoors. Plants that thrive well outside include the Rowan, Hawthorn, Holly, and Foxglove.

Bedroom Makeover Tips

A gorgeously dressed bed is one of the true luxuries in our home. When you walk into your bedroom you want to feel a sense of beauty, calm, and comfort. Toss out that old bedspread and flattened pillows and replace them all with elegant bamboo bedding! Your bed is where you spend so much quality time, it really should be given as much focus and money as your living room. When you purchase quality BedVoyage bamboo bed sheets, duvet cover, coverlet and decorative pillows; you will get years of enjoyment from them.

A bedroom makeover on a budget can work as well. A simple set of matching nightstands and lamps can totally reshape the look of the room and can often be found on liquidation or marketplace sites. If you have space for a bench and draped blanket, you’ve made a real statement. A big rug to put under your bed is another way to ‘ground’ your look, and even big box stores have a good supply of inexpensive rugs.

Update for Your Personal Oasis

Being at home can feel like a place of luxury if you create a space you adore. If your home is feeling shabby or outdated, make a few strategic changes to freshen it up. But make sure any changes will also increase your appraisal value, too! In the end, you can enjoy your updated space as the oasis you need from the everyday bustle of life.

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