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The Best Blanket to Take on Your Travels!

The Best Blanket to Take on Your Travels!

The Best Bamboo Blankets:

Travel is one of the most exciting things we do in life, and it can also be exhausting! So anything we can do to elevate our comfort level while on long plane rides or car trips is a big plus. When you’re traveling and away from home, its nice to set your self up for success when you want to be relaxed, warm and cozy. But lugging around a big heavy blanket and pillow is not very convenient. So BedVoyage 100% rayon from Bamboo best travel or throw blanket and pillowcase can fit the bill nicely! They’re the perfect companion on your travels. When you want a silky soft, hypoallergenic blanket that naturally resist bacteria and odors, we’ve got it. The Best Travel or Throw Blanket can be used in many ways, as a wrap, as a car seat blanket, or to carry your baby. Its perfect for watching a movie, or to drape over you and your travel partner while napping in-flight. The following video will give you some ideas, so keep warm during your travels or on your own sofa!

The Thermal Regulating BedVoyage Blankets:

Our travel blanket is knitted from 100% rayon from bamboo, and is 45″ x 70″. Its about the same size as a beach towel, but folds up much smaller. One of the wonderfully natural benefits of bamboo is that its thermal regulating. This means that it adjusts to your body’s temperature and either keeps the heat in, or releases it if needed. And although the blanket is lightweight, it will absolutely keep the chill away. But nicely, it not overheat you like some of the microfiber blankets will. The incredibly rich softness of bamboo is very comforting against your skin, and wonderful for anyone traveling, from babies to grandparents!

Matching Bamboo Pillowcases:

Our bamboo blanket packs easily for you to enjoy on a plane, a train, in the car or when camping. You can even add the matching pillowcases if you prefer a matched set. Its available in the same four colors, plus 5 more if you like to mix it up! The pillowcase is large enough to act as a carrier for your travel blanket. Then just pull it out for a snuggle when you are ready. The pillowcase also naturally resists odors and bacteria, so it will stay fresher as you travel. AND if your travel is during the holidays, or just to the sofa in your own house, its a perfect movie-watching blanket. I like to keep a few of them under my sofa, in a zippered bag to keep them fresh. I pull them out for family or guests as needed.

Best Travel or Throw Blanket:

A set of blanket and travel size pillow is wonderful for a toddler’s first bed, as they are the perfect size for a little child. The best throw blanket is great for car rides for children as well. And for a Girl’s Night if you are visiting a friend for some wine, movies and popcorn!

Go Green In Your Bed, Or on Your Travels~


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