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Sleep Naturally with Eco-Friendly Bedding

Sleep Naturally with Eco-Friendly Bedding

How can I sleep naturally with eco-friendly bedding? Did you know that when you sleep you breathe in all the chemicals that you are sleeping on, with or near? And when you perspire, your skin absorbs those chemicals too. This is especially harmful for children and pregnant women. They tend to sleep more, and are therefore exposed for longer periods of time. And are more vulnerable to chemicals and toxins.

What Is In My Mattress and Bedding?

Common chemicals found in bedding, pillows and mattresses are petroleum products, formaldehyde, and flame retardant chemicals. The Environmental Illness Resource article dated May 18, 2016 is interesting. It states: “Breathing formaldehyde gas above the levels of 0.1 parts per million for an extended period of time will cause many health problems. Such as headaches, dizziness, scratchy eyes and throat, nasal congestion, coughing, and immune system abnormalities.” For these reasons, sleeping on bamboo linens that are not coated with formaldehyde can help alleviate skin conditions. Or keep at bay skin sensitivities and allergic reactions from harsh toxins.

What Does Bamboo Feel Like? Can it Help me Sleep More Naturally with eco-friendly bedding?

If you hear the words ‘bamboo bed sheets‘ and think they sound scratchy and uncomfortable, you’d be wrong! It’s the most luxuriously soft fabric, feels glamorously smooth against your skin, and has a drape that is unparalleled. Bamboo fibers are spun so fine and round, like a hair on your head, that they are non-abrasive and extremely comforting against the skin. Some of BedVoyage’s customers have said ‘it’s like slipping into butter!’ or ‘I do snow angels when I get in bed!’ or ‘I can’t wait to have a date with my bed tonight, we’re totally gonna sleep together!’

For those that gravitate towards eco-friendly products, bamboo is a wonderful choice for bedding. The bamboo that is used for BedVoyage linens is grown organically, requires no pesticides or fertilizers. Its also not coated with formaldehyde or flame retardant chemicals as mentioned above. These chemicals can kick up allergic reactions for many people. Bamboo fabrics are also naturally resistant to bacteria and odors, hypo allergenic, and absorb and evaporate moisture three times faster than cotton. So you’ll sleep drier and more comfortably.

Mildew is another bacteria that can kick up allergies. If  you’ve struggled with mildew in cotton towels, you’ll appreciate that bamboo fibers are resistant to bacteria and odors, so you can reuse a bamboo towel for days and it will still smell fresh and clean! Bamboo towels are the perfect choice for teen’s bathrooms, gym bags, boats and motor homes, and your own lovely bathroom. Men love them too, as they need a super thirsty towel to dry off the hair on their arms and legs. And don’t much like those shiny towels that just push the water around!

How Do You Launder Bamboo Bedding?

The laundering of bamboo is another place you can reduce chemical use in your home, and your utility costs. Bamboo is best cared for by laundering with eco-friendly liquid detergents in cool to warm water, and drying on medium heat. No bleach is needed due to that wonderful quality of naturally resisting bacteria. And you literally can’t make bamboo sheets and towels softer so there is no need to use fabric softeners or dryer sheets! If you’re a summertime hang-dry person, go right ahead and hang them out to dry. Bamboo can be a bit stiff, like it wants to go back to being a bamboo plant. So you can just fluff and soften them in the dryer for a few minutes before storing in the linen closet. To learn more visit our FAQ’s.

Consider switching to sleep naturally with eco-friendly bedding from BedVoyage!

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