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Indigo Is the Hot New Bedding Color for Fall!

Indigo Is the Hot New Bedding Color for Fall!

With Indigo being the Hot New Color, How will You Incorporate it?

Is Indigo the Hot New Bedding Color? How do certain colors make you feel? Do they evoke an emotional response, or resonate with you in different or wonderful ways? Whether you’re a man or a woman, young or old, when you think of your favorite color, does it make you feel happy, or peaceful, excited or energized? How and where you place those colors in your home can continue to evoke those feelings. So people gravitate towards displaying the colors that create the energy or vibe that best expresses who they are. BedVoyage wants your bedroom to evoke the feeling that most capture that essence. With our newest addition we now offer 6 colors of bamboo bedding that mix and match beautifully so that you can be the designer AND express yourself and your feelings through color!

When did BedVoyage launch the color?

Just in time for Fall, BedVoyage is pleased to launch their newest lusciously rich color: Indigo. We’ve been anxiously awaiting the delivery, as have the long list of loyal bamboo bedding fans waiting to order! Our customers are very important to us, and many had requested adding a darker blue tone. So we reviewed dozens of color options to find just the right one. We’ve always chosen our colors carefully while keeping in mind the undertone, so that the new color would compliment many of our current colors. This allows the ability to pair most of them together. We landed on the perfect tone of a deep and vibrant blue that would appeal to both men and women. We launched the towel line in Indigo first, to see if it would resonate, and it was a top seller so we knew it was time to add that color to the bedding line! The color Indigo has been described by Stacy Garcia as a ‘sexy, mysterious relative of the summer favorite Navy, and Julialinn describes it as:

That amazing fall color!

She further states “The color Indigo works pretty much anytime on anything but I’m into it mostly during fall and winter. Its a deep color with both cold and warm expressions. Cold because it got that deep ice cold blue feeling but also warm because of that deep feeling, especially on walls and in pillows.”  Indigo is the Hot New Bedding Color!

Below are examples of how you can create your own design esthetic, or evoke your personal sense of style and love of color!

Minimalist or Maximist?

If you like a nautical look, you can pair Indigo bed sheets with a White duvet cover and have a super clean and crisp look.

A beautiful look is BedVoyage White bed sheets, White Euro’s, Indigo Decorative Throw Pillow, a White Duvet Set and an Indigo Coverlet.

For a summery beach look, you can pair Ivory bed sheets with an Indigo coverlet and get that sun-kissed beach and ocean look.

How to Pair Indigo with Our Other Colors:

The pairing of Indigo Duvet with Sky Sheets creates a very elegant blue-on-blue look. Its simply stunning!

Pair these pieces and it will look like a bedroom decor magazine! Indigo Bed Sheets, Euro’s, and an Indigo Coverlet. Tie it all together with pillows and accessories from your favorite home goods store!

For a SUPER crisp look, add White Bed Sheets, White Euros, Indigo Standard Shams, and an Indigo Coverlet. Amazingly simple and clean look, and you can’t go wrong with adding it to your decor!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s book ‘Theory of Colours’ says of Blue. She says “As a hue it is powerful — but it is on the negative side, and in its highest purity is, as it were, a stimulating negation. Its appearance. Then, is a kind of contradiction between excitement and repose. … As the upper sky and distant mountains appear blue, so a blue surface seems to retire from us.”

Sweet Dreams~

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