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How to Get the Best Possible Return on Your Home Makeover

Renovating Your Home

If you're thinking about renovating your home, then you’ve probably thought about it for a long time before actually getting down to it. The ‘DIY vs. Professional’ debate has been going on for decades in households across America. The answer depends on skill set and investment. Refinancing the home for a makeover is a popular option that often has a big return on investment, so an online home value estimator is a good place to start.


Understanding Home Value and Equity

With a sense of what the home is worth, you’ll know what you’re borrowing against, since it’s the accumulated home equity you’re using as collateral. Depending on home value, home equity, and loan rates, the mortgage payments may go up. With enough equity and the best cash out refinance rates, the return on investment is often more than the added cost of the loan. Most importantly, you’ll get a new home without having to move. This guide from BedVoyage will help you make the difficult decision of DIY or hiring out.


Consider a Home Management App

 If you’re thinking of tackling some renovations, a home management app that puts you in touch with a skilled professional who can help homeowners make the most of their investments is a must. A home management app offers the convenience of centralizing crucial household information, from maintenance schedules and home inventory to emergency contacts, all in one easily accessible platform. It simplifies the coordination of tasks and responsibilities, helping users stay organized and reduce stress. Additionally, these apps often provide reminders and notifications, ensuring that essential home-related activities are not overlooked, resulting in a more efficient and well-maintained living environment.

DIY or Hire?

Whether you’re updating your kitchen or streamlining your home office, remember that you need to own the tools required for the job, and tools are expensive. If you have to buy a lot of tools for the job, you haven’t really saved money. If you work full time and also hope to put in the time for a remodel, you’re adding a lot of stress to the schedule. With some jobs, your DIY could pass for professional work, but some jobs are harder than others, and paying for expertise can pay off in the long run, as opposed to actually costing more if the quality of the work ends up sub-par.

 Hiring Professionals

Hiring a professional for some jobs is generally a good return on investment. Typically, if the contractor does a good job, you'll spend good money in return for high-quality work – not to mention keeping more of your spare time! Hiring an electrician is a good example. As when dealing with contractors, clear communication is vital so that expectations are well-understood.


High Return on Renovations

 ●      Painting: Painting is one of the most cost-effective home renovations you can do with the most ROI potential. You should plan on spending a few hundred dollars or more depending on the size of your house. The good news is that it's quite easy to do yourself if you have a steady hand. Check YouTube for tips on which sheen and paintbrush to use for your surfaces.
●      Updating switch plates and outlet covers: If you're looking to do something that's cost-effective and easy for first-time DIYers, this is it. You'll spend $0 on labor. Simply replace your existing outlet covers (to match the style of your newly painted walls) and purchase new switch plates if necessary. These are only a couple of bucks each and only require a screwdriver to install!
●      Updating bathroom vanities: If you're looking to spruce up your bathroom, then adding a new vanity is the perfect project. You can find a nice vanity for under $500. All that's required are some simple tools, a drill, and a little elbow grease.
●      New countertops: If you're looking to make a major upgrade in the kitchen, adding new countertops is the way to go. Countertops really make your kitchen pop. This is a job you'll want to hire out though. Botching a job like this can just end up costing you more money than hiring it out in the first place.

Stage and Dress Up Your Rooms

 After a renovation, staging your home is crucial to showcasing its full potential, particularly in bedrooms and bathrooms where comfort and style are paramount. A well-staged bedroom, with its inviting and neatly arranged furnishings, becomes a serene sanctuary that immediately appeals to potential buyers or guests. In the bathrooms, attention to detail with tasteful decor and spotless fixtures can transform them into luxurious retreats. For an added touch of elegance and comfort, consider staging bathrooms with Bedvoyage Bath Towels, known for their luxurious feel and aesthetic appeal. Using Bedvoyage Bamboo Bedding in your staging can further enhance the allure, offering a blend of sustainability, comfort, and style that is sure to captivate.


Don’t Forget the Outdoors

Curb appeal is obviously an important aspect of the house if you want to get top dollar. Consider installing a fence for both safety and aesthetics. From there, look into upgrading your landscaping, as well. Design and create the outdoor sanctuary of your (and your potential buyers’) dreams.

Make Your Next Home Renovation a Smooth Process

After carefully surveying the reasons why people decide to DIY or hire out, it is clear that there are pros and cons to both decisions. It ultimately depends on what work needs to be done, how much money you have to spend, and if you're willing to take on the stress of being in charge of a project, among other things. Consider what we've discussed above and make the best decision for you.


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