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How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

How Often Should You Wash Your Sheets?

It’s a personal choice as to how often should you wash your sheets. It also depends on ‘how’ you sleep; are you a hot sleeper, do you perspire a lot, do you shower before you go to bed? So many things can be taken into consideration. Do you travel a bit and don’t sleep in your own bed each night? If your pets sleep with you? Do you like to snack in bed?  Your answer to these questions suggest you wash your linens more frequently, or less often.

If you’re menopausal or happen to suffer from night-sweats; I’d highly recommend changing your linens twice weekly. It’s a little time-consuming but slipping into fresh dry sheets simply make it so worthwhile!

I personally like to wash my sheets each Sunday, so that I can slip into super silky soft and clean sheets at the end of a week. I get an amazing night’s sleep on fresh sheets, and wake refreshed and ready to hit Monday with a great start to the work week. It takes me about 3 minutes to strip my bed, 5 minutes total for putting in washer, moving to dryer, and then 5 minutes to remake my bed.  A 13-minute task doesn’t feel like a big deal to me weekly, the offset is that I get to slip into lusciously clean sheets!

How to Spot-Treat Sheet Stains Before Washing:

I like to spot treat anything that needs it: mascara stains, body oils, nosebleed etc. before the sheets go into the washing machine. Especially my pillowcase, it may need a bit more attention. I’ll do a quick check to see if there is anything that needs spot cleaner. Then I wet the area and dab on the spot cleaner, using a soft rag or laundry sponge to try to remove the spot before laundering.  This does 2 things: pre-loosens any stains, and 2) adds a bit more ‘soap’ to the laundry, helping to clean even more.  Some great spot cleaners are Whip-It Stain Remover Plus Kit, Seventh Generation Laundry Stain Remover Spray, and for toughest spots: Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover.

How Do I Wash Bamboo Sheets?

The best way to launder Bamboo Bed Sheet Sets, Duvet Covers, Coverlets and Shams: pre-spot anything needed. Then wash bamboo linens in warm water, with a liquid eco-friendly detergent. Remove from washer, give a shake so that items don’t clump together, then place in the dryer. Do not use any dryer sheets or dryer balls, and dry on medium heat.

We don’t recommend dryer sheets because the coating on them transfers to the bedding and can create discoloration. The other reason is that dryer sheets contribute to dryer lint build-up, which is a #1 cause of house fires. As well, there are numerous chemicals in the dryer sheets that are not good for your respiratory system, or skin.  Dryer balls can cause friction and break down the fibers in your linens, making them wear out faster.

When the dryer stops, I often pull each bedding item out of the dryer and inspect for full dryness. If not, shake them all loose from each other and dry for 10 more minutes. Once dry, remove immediately from the dryer, and shake out. This will prevent wrinkling. At this point you can either place them directly back onto your bed. Or store them in their fabric bag if you prefer to rotate your linens. For more information you can visit our BedVoyage page Laundry Care and Stain Guide.

Why Should I Make My Bed Every Day?

When you get out of bed; pull the top bedding (duvet, comforter, coverlet) back towards the foot of the bed. This allows your linens to breathe and dry before you make the bed. Then before you leave for work, or start your day, simply spend 2 minutes to make your bed, so it looks inviting to get into at night.

I make my bed every morning, it truly makes a huge emotional difference for me. Getting into an unmade bed somehow feels ‘untidy’ or sort of shabby, and I don’t like that feeling. It feels the same to me as walking into a dirty kitchen, or bathroom. You’ll be in a much better mood when you get into a nicely made bed at night!  It also helps motivate you to keep tidying up the rest of the house.  It’s just an all-around good habit to get into. Visual clutter can make people anxious, feeling like the task-list is too long and you don’t know where to start.  If you get used to doing it, it comes naturally and you always have a tidy home.

I hope you enjoyed learning how often you should wash your sheets, and other BedVoyage tips!

Note: I only place all my decorative pillows on the bed when I’m doing a big house-cleaning day or I’m going to have company whom can see my bedroom. My quick bed-making way is to just fluff my pillows, lean them against the headboard, pull up my Duvet Cover and Coverlet, then smooth. Then my full-blown beautiful bed is when I nicely arrange all my Euros, Shams and Decorative Pillows, give them a chop, and step back to view!

A Psychology Today study says bed-makers are more likely to own their own homes, exercise regularly, like their jobs, and feel well-rested on a regular basis. Non bed-makers felt the opposite. If you want a little extra calm in your life and home; make your bed, tidy your kitchen and bathroom, and it will reset your day!  A big plus to this is if you have an unexpected guest, you’re feel comfortable inviting them in!

Sweet Dreams~

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