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Duvet or Comforter: What is a Duvet Cover?

Duvet or Comforter: What is a Duvet Cover?

You could think of a Duvet Cover as a pillowcase for your comforter. Comforters are bulky and don’t always fit in a home washing machine, so you can protect them from becoming soiled by slipping them into a cover. This also prolongs how frequently you need to wash your comforter, especially it if is a feather filling. Feathers and down don’t stand up to laundering as often as alternative fills, so keeping them covered and clean protects your investment.  You simply unbutton the duvet cover, remove it and then launder. Then you’ll only need to launder your comforter when soiled, stained or has retained an odor.  Sometimes you launder just to fluff all the fluffiness back up again!

What Does the Word Duvet mean?

People often use the words Comforter or Duvet interchangeably. Duvet is a French word for down, as in goose-feathers. In general, a Duvet or Comforter means its 2 pieces of fabric that have ‘filling’ in between. Such as goose down, polyester, repurposed plastics, or other types of alternative fillings. Some people are allergic to down feathers in their comforters or pillows and need to find alternatives, so that they don’t exacerbate allergic reactions. There are quite a few options to the consumer. A quick internet search, or viewing The Sleep Foundation‘s article will give you many options.   The next step in creating the duvet or comforter is to create baffles, or quilting. This keeps the fill inside small pockets, so that it doesn’t migrate or pool. You want the fill to remain fluffy and in place, so that the entire comforter has the warmth factor you need while sleeping.

What is the Best Duvet Cover?

It really depends on your needs and preferences. But looking for one that is lightweight and of breathable fabric will often be the most comfortable for good sleep. BedVoyage makes 2 different lines of Duvet Covers: 100% Luxury Bamboo and Melange Bamboo/Cotton blend. They are both very lightweight, and super breathable. Bamboo fibers have micro-gaps and holes in the fibers, which allow air to escape. This keeps you cooler while you’re sleeping and reduces the chances of perspiring or overheating.  The weight of the comforter or duvet will also need to be considered, as you may opt for a thinner one during the warm months, and a heavier weight during the winter. If that is too much work and you’d prefer one that has year-round comfort; look for one with a fill weight of about 500. If you need more weight and warmth in the winter, you can simply add a BedVoyage Bamboo Coverlet on top of the Duvet Cover. Check out how BedVoyage Duvet Covers rate in The Sleep Doctor review!

How Do You Keep the Duvet or Comforter in Place in the Cover?

All BedVoyage Duvet Covers come with button enclosure and inside corner ties. When you insert your duvet or comforter, simply take the 2 ties from each inside corner, and tie it around the corner of the comforter. This will hold your comforter in place, so it does not move around inside the duvet cover. The button enclosure has an ‘invisible hem’ that means that you don’t see the buttons, they are sewn into an inside hem for a modern and finished look. There is 1 extra button sewn into the inside seam, so that you have a replacement button if one is lost.

Do Duvet Covers come with Matching Pillow Shams?

When you choose a BedVoyage Duvet Cover Set with Shams, you get a 2 pack of Standard size decorative pillow shams to match your Duvet Cover. The shams have an envelope opening, and modern piping around the edges. They are so comfortable and pretty that you can even choose to use them as your sleeping pillow! Bamboo fabrics are very gentle on skin and hair and are also hypoallergenic. The incredibly silky smoothness of bamboo is just unparalleled! Bamboo is softer to the touch than virtually all cottons, and certainly all microfibers.

Does BedVoyage offer any Printed Fabrics?

Yes, we have 2 options, and have added a Champagne Damask and a Platinum Geo print to our line of solid colors. The tones in the print match identically to our Sheet colors of White, Champagne and Platinum, so you can mix and match our Sheet Sets, Coverlets and Shams with these beautiful and modern patterns.

How Often Should I Wash My Duvet Cover?

This really depend on multiple factors. If it’s your child’s bed, or pets sleep with you; we’d recommend washing the Duvet Cover almost as often as you wash the sheets. For instance, if you wash the sheets weekly, I’d recommend washing the Duvet Cover every 2-3 weeks. Some people launder it every time they wash their sheets, especially if they sleep the European way, without a Flat Sheet. If it’s a guest bed and gets little use, you can go months without laundering it, or just launder if the room is going to have a guest and you want the linens fresh. To keep your Duvet Cover in its best condition, use a non-bleach spot remover on any stains, then wash on medium and dry on low. Check out our Bamboo Laundering Tips here.

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