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Better Sleep with Bamboo Sheets and CBD Gummies

Better Sleep with Bamboo Sheets and CBD Gummies

Do You Have Trouble Sleeping?

I’ve struggled for years with my sleep patterns. In my 20’s I couldn’t fall asleep, but once asleep; I slept soundly.  Now I have the opposite situation at 60. Falling asleep is not the issue, but staying asleep all night is. I’ll wake multiple times during the night, look at the clock, roll over and try to drift off again. Sometimes I’m lucky, and other nights I just get up at 3:00 a.m. and start the coffee pot.

Some of the typical things I’ve tried; tensing then relaxing muscles, or keeping my mind ‘blank’ so thoughts don’t keep running through my mind. Keeping a notepad by the bed to jot what’s on my mind, this presumably allows you to let thoughts go so you can fall asleep. Other things I’ve tried: listening to soothing music, rubbing sleep-inducing balms on the soles of my feet, spraying my pillow with Lavender, breathing exercises, all to no avail.

Which Sleep Products Work the Best?

The top drawer of my nightstand is filled with so many items, it looks like the sleep aid aisle of a grocery store, I wish I was kidding! I continue buying different things to hopefully land on that ONE thing that will help me! My drawer has eye masks, lozenges, tongue sprays, multiple melatonin items, and hemp oils for sleep. I have foot balms, lavender seed pillows, and lotions to rub on my arms. Finally, the only thing that worked for me was to take ½ of an over-the-counter sleep aid each night. But I wake groggy, and don’t like the fog-induced feeling. Its not my favorite thing to take products that have chemicals I can’t pronounce, or know if they have any long-term side effects.

Do CBD Gummies Work?

I have just recently learned that they do! Bizzy CBD let me try their products, I’ve used their Bizzy Jar of Green Queen for a week and noticed a real difference. I took only 1 gummy each night, with no other sleeping pill or type of aid. By the way, they actually taste really good, I was pleasantly surprised. I felt a nice quiet calm come over me, I drifted off to sleep easily, and woke without a sleeping pill hangover.

One night I did wake at 3:00 and thought I would not fall back asleep, expecting my old sleep pattern to kick in. But the next thing I knew it was 5:00 a.m. which is my normal time to rise. It was such a nice feeling to have fallen back to sleep without the typical tossing and turning. I would not have guessed after using so many different products that I’d find one that truly works for me!

What Other Items Does Bizzy Make?

I also tried the Bizzy Tiger Balm. I rubbed it on my lower back which was in a lot of pain from some recent physical work in our warehouse and at a photoshoot. Within minutes I felt the pain ease away, and my husband said ‘that smells so good, what is it?’ The scent is a cross between cinnamon and clove, its super fragrant and kind of festive. Bizzy was kind enough to also let me try their Bizzy Magic Wand, which is a roller-ball application of full spectrum CBD oils. I could immediately feel it start working within moments of applying it to my lower back. And I can’t wait to try their Fizzy Bizzy bath salts, for a relaxing soak!

Do Bamboo Sheets Help You Sleep?

If it wasn’t for the dreamy silkiness and cooling abilities of my BedVoyage bamboo sheets, I’d have had much harder times falling and staying asleep. I tend to sleep hot, so I keep my window cracked and love the fresh cool air in my room. One fantastic attribute of bamboo bed sheets is the air-conditioning like quality of the fabric. It has micro-gaps and holes in the fibers that let air escape. All you have to do is move an arm or leg just a few inches across the smooth fabric to get away from any heat. Or just fling and arm or leg out onto the flat sheet or Duvet Cover, and you cool right down by a few degrees.

A funny little side note of bamboo sheets: they are not ‘loud’.  Once you’ve slept in bamboo bedding for years, you really notice how much noise cotton sheets make when you roll over or push the sheets back to get out of bed. They make a tremendous crinkly noise when you move, roll over, or get in or out of bed. But bamboo is whisper soft, there’s no noise when you move your head on the pillow or move the flat sheet about. Sneak proof!

You’ll sleep better with Bamboo Cooling Sheets and Bizzy CBD Gummies. And we love supporting other women-owned local businesses, so please check them out!

Sweet Dreams~

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