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Best Natural Sleep Remedies for Babies

Best Natural Sleep Remedies for Babies

All new parents wait and wish for the time their little baby sleeps soundly through the night. Those first few months of getting up multiple times during the night can be really hard on your own personal well-being. We’d like to offer some ways to help your baby relax and get a good night’s sleep so that you can too! We have some natural sleep remedies for babies, as well as some tips on bamboo crib sheets and swaddles that will help soothe them.

How Much Sleep Do Babies Need? 

Its commonly believed that newborns between 1 to 3 months old need between 14 to 18 hours of sleep per 24-hour period. This can be in chunks of time from 3-6 hours during naps or nighttime sleeping. Sleep is so important for babies, as it allows their bodies to grow and gain cognitive development. Many doctors, as well as grandmothers, will recommend that the parents try to nap during the day at least once when the baby is napping. Even if it’s just for a couple hours; it helps make up for the time you’re awake with your baby during the night. This  may be the only time you get some downtime, too. It may seem like the only time you can get housework or cooking done, but it’s quite important to do. Your naps will help keep you alert yet relaxed enough to comfortably take care of all your newborn’s needs.

By the time your baby is 4 to 11 months old, their sleep needs start to reduce. Naps and nighttime sleep usually adds up to between 12 to 16 hours per day. They’re likely sleeping at least 6 hours straight during the night, which is such a blessing for tired parents!

After 11 months of age, your baby may be sleeping through the night, and just taking a couple shorter naps during the day. They’ve developed their circadian rhythm at this age and are ready to get most of their sleep during the night.

How Can I Help My Baby Fall Asleep?

Doing relaxing things near bedtime will help your baby to fall asleep easier. Such as a warm bath, reading quietly to them, warm milk, and slower movements and softer sounds. Think of this as the pre-sleep time, and anything that will cause stress or anxiety will reduce their ability to fall asleep. To learn some great tips on how to prepare the bedroom for better sleep for children; check out this article.

One tip I’d heard when my baby was tiny was to always put her gently into her crib or onto her changing table. Let a part of their body, likely their bottom, touch down first, gently. What this does for them is create a sense of security, as they cannot see where you are putting them, and it could feel like falling or being dropped. This worked wonders for my daughter!

What Kind of Crib Sheets and Swaddles Should I Use?

You want soft, smooth and comforting fabrics against your baby’s tender skin. This will keep their skin (and attitude!) from becoming irritated. They can’t adjust or tug on fabrics like a child or adult can, so scratchy fabrics could make them cry and fuss.  BedVoyage recommends 100% Bamboo Crib Sheets and Bamboo/Cotton Muslin Swaddles to keep your baby soothed, pampered and happy!

Bamboo fabrics are naturally hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture wicking and incredibly soft. They also tend to be more stain resistant that cotton fabrics. A plus is that they are cooling, so if you baby sleeps hot; they won’t overheat with our bamboo linens. Check out our Panda Baby Hooded Towel and Baby Washcloths for bath time. They are super plush, absorbent, and can be reused for days with no mildew scent.

Natural Sleep Remedies for Babies:

Lindsay Tuttle – Hollistic ARNP offers this recipe:

“Use a couple drops of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil with a gentle baby oil, in a diffuser with distilled water. Refer to the Diffuser Guide.

Young Living Seedlings Baby line is a great non-toxic and tear-free option to accompany baby at bath time.

You could also try Young Living Linen Spray on the crib sheets, as well as the shampoo and wash during bath time. Followed by using BedVoyage Panda Baby Hooded Towel and Washcloths for drying your baby.”

Studies have shown that lack of magnesium can cause insomnia. Using magnesium-infused Sleep Toes Towelettes at bedtime can help relax your child, relieve anxiety and growing pains.

Bath time Remedies:

Products that contains sleep-inducing assistance at bath time are essential oils of lavender and chamomile in The Base Collective’s Hair and Body Wash.

After the bath; you can use The Base Collective’s Night Night Balm, which has sandalwood, mandarin, lavender and chamomile.

Some foods actually cause sleepiness too, such as rice, bananas, oatmeal and scrambled eggs. You could mix up a small bowl of any of these items to feed to your baby before bed. But not too much, as a full tummy may make it harder to fall asleep.

We hope these natural sleep remedies for babies helps your little one to fall asleep easier, and helps you get better rest too!

Sweet Dreams~

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