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Best Beach and Pool Towels for 2023

Best Beach and Pool Towels for 2023

A summer must-have is a big, comfortable, and absorbent beach towel. Along with a great beach chair, organic sunscreen and a roomy beach bag. Towels that can travel with you from pool, to the river, to the beach make the best beach and pool towels.

When shopping for towels, look for ones that are soft and plush against your skin yet will easily shake free of sand. It’s helpful if it dries quickly too, either in the sun or the dryer.  You also want one that is stain resistant, as grass, sunscreen lotions or juice drinks could stain your towel.

I think everyone can agree that one of summer’s best moments is when you’re simply basking in some Vitamin D sunshine that warms you to your bones. Along with a great book or favorite song, and a cold beverage, it just spells SUMMER!  Lounging on a plush towel that feels great against your skin, and listening to the waves or a gentle breeze is just heavenly. It’s those little things in life that offer moments of such complete joy.

What Size is Best for Beach Towels?

The average size for a beach or pool towel is 30×60, but some towels will short you on the length or width, leaving you wishing for more. BedVoyage’s beach towel is 37 x 70 which is roomy enough to cover a lounge chair.  We give you 10 more inches in length and 7 more in width, which means you get that extra space for comfortable lounging. When you buy shorter towels, you often end up putting 2 towels on a lounger, so that both your feet and head have something to lay on.  The width is wide enough to span the entire lounge chair as well. So if you need someone to deliver on your expectations; we’ve got you covered!

Is a Bamboo Beach Towel Worth the Price?

The best plush pool towel will offer some welcome cushioning when sitting on it, but not be so heavy that it won’t dry quickly. BedVoyage uses a 600 gsm (grams per square meter) which is PLUSH and super soft on your skin. But because it’s made from 50% bamboo and 50% cotton, it will dry quickly.

Our beach towel is not overly heavy or bulky and can be rolled into a 5” roll to fit nicely into your beach bag. Look no further than the BedVoyage beach towel. It’s highly absorbent, made from premium materials, is luxurious against your skin, and easy to launder.

It’s worth the money to purchase a great quality beach towel that you know will last for years. You can put it in the linen closet at the end of the season and know that it’s ready for you when the sun comes out again. With quality; there will not be loose threads or color fading, so you’ll have it for years!

What is the Most Comfortable Beach Towel for Lounging?

A thick terry towel is the most comfortable against your skin and will thirstily drink up all the water it can take. BedVoyage’s beach towel is oversized which comes in handy when you get out of the water. You can wrap your entire body in it, and warm up quickly.

When you spread it out on the sand, grass or pool deck you’ll find that its thick enough to be very comfortable over a firm surface. That 600 gsm comes in handy when you don’t have a comfy lounger to lay on. Bamboo towels also have an inherent UV protection factor. This is great if you need to wrap up to shield from strong rays from the sun. If your child or dog is getting overheated, you can also wet the towel and place it over them to offer some much-needed shade and coolness.

How Long Should Beach Towels Last?

You can expect to get many seasons out of a good beach towel, from 6-8 years when you purchase a good quality towel. It’s a great feeling knowing you can go right to the linen closet and pull out that comfy BedVoyage beach towel. Just pop it in a bag and go off into the great outdoors.

Poor quality, inexpensive towels will be shorter, thinner and not very comfortable. And they likely only last 1-2 seasons at best. When you need it and it looks threadbare and worn, you’ll have to spend extra time finding a new towel. So, invest in a good quality pool towel and its always there and ready to use!

How Do You Wash a Bamboo Beach Towel?

We recommend washing your beach towel first before using it. A liquid eco-friendly detergent such as Ecos, Seventh Generation, or Meyer’s Clean Day will gently care for the fibers and add longevity. Washing first will remove any loose fibers and fluff the pile-loops.  You can dry as normal in the dryer

A tip to add some longevity: if you’ve just used the towel to dry off from the pool, simply hang it to dry and reuse the next day. Bamboo towels are naturally resistant to odor and mildew, so you won’t have to launder as often as you would with a 100% cotton towel. You can also launder and then hang dry. Avoiding the heat of the dryer will keep the loop-fibers intact, prevent fading and shrinkage. We don’t recommend using dryer sheets as they coat the fibers with silicon and make the towel less absorbent. Also not recommended: wool or rubber dryer balls. These will tug on the loops and cause snagging. But if you do get a snag, simply snip it at the base of the loop and it will not continue to snag

BedVoyage beach towels come with a sturdy hang tag so that you can also hang it on a hook and allow it to dry overnight. It doubles as a Bath Sheet so its great for use indoor and out!

What Beach Towel Dries Quickly?

A towel that has cotton in it, like the 50% Bamboo/50% Cotton Melange Bath Sheet-Pool Towel. It will take very little effort to dry as bamboo is super absorbent, and the cotton in it allows it to dry quickly. If you just did a quick dry-off and hung it, you’ll likely have a dry towel again within an hour. You should also find that sand and grass will shake free easily, a sturdy ‘snap’ of the towel and it should release anything that stuck to it.

BedVoyage’s 3pc Melange Beach Towel Sets:

What to do with the 2 hand towels that came in the Bath Sheet Set? So many things! You can roll a hand towel and place it under your forehead when sunning on your stomach. Wet one and place it around your neck when you need to cool down. Add ice if you need to REALLY cool down! Grab one from your beach bag for wrapping your hair if you don’t want sun to discolor your freshly salon-colored hair.  Keep them handy to use as napkins, placemats, or paper towels if you’re picnicking. They come in handy to wet and cover any body parts that may have gotten a bit too much sun.

What are Some Top Tested Organic Sunscreens?

You’re likely interested in sustainable or organic products if you’ve come across this blog, so we’d like to offer some more natural ways to protect your skin as well.

One very simply way to apply an extremely inexpensive yet highly effective sunscreen is to purchase zinc oxide powder. You can use a bit of organic skin moisturizer, drop a little zinc powder in, rub together and apply to your skin. You can also use a powder brush (such as one you’d apply blush or foundation powder with) and powder the parts of your body that you’d like covered. It will have a white-ish appearance at first but will absorb and fade within 15-20 minutes. A brand we recommend is Sky Organics Zinc Oxide.

Coconut oil has a natural UV protectant in it as well. You can liberally apply organic coconut oil to your skin, every day in fact! It also has a silky-smooth feel and will make your skin look lustrous and shimmery.

A couple other brands that are highly rated are Drunk Elephant and Two Peas Organics. Drunk Elephant Physical Daily Defense offers broad-spectrum protection and aids in prevention of free radicals. Two Peas Organics is unscented and is made with the mineral zinc oxide, and is water resistant.

Goddess Garden Sport Mineral Sunscreen Sticks work great for protecting lips, nose, ears and any tender spots. It’s also water resistant, reef safe and cruelty free.  The remaining one we’d recommend is Beauty By Earth Sunscreen, it uses shea butter and coconut oil, is fragrance-free, and has no paba or chemicals.

Check out our DIY Sunscreen recipe here  Or watch video here

So get out there, enjoy the summer sun and fun with BedVoyage’s best beach and pool towels!

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