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Best Bamboo Hooded Towel by BedVoyage

Best Bamboo Hooded Towel by BedVoyage

Why is the BedVoyage Towel the Best Bamboo Hooded Towel?

There are so many reasons! But the main reason is that BedVoyage Hooded Towel Sets are very soft and gentle against a baby’s tender skin. They are also hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and resistant to mildew and bacteria.  They can be hung dry and reused for days with no bad odors. And they are made to fit from newborns to large toddlers, or until you child outgrows them!

Will the Hooded Towel be Gentle on My Baby’s Skin?

It will be extremely soft and comforting against your baby’s skin because bamboo fibers are woven very smooth and round.  We make our Towels with 67% Bamboo and 33% Cotton, and bamboo fibers are naturally hypoallergenic. If you baby suffers from eczema or skin rashes, they will be comforted by the silky smooth fibers. Bamboo fabrics are a non-irritating to gentle skin.

When Can my Baby Start Using a Hooded Towel?

From the time they get their first bath. The towel is so gentle that even a few day old baby will be warm and comforted by bamboo. Babies can lose their body heat very easily, so putting the hood on their head just after the bath helps to keep them warm while you are drying them. The wide rectangular wings of the BedVoyage Hooded Towel mean that you can almost wrap them as if it was a swaddle, as some babies like to drift off to sleep after a warm bath.  They can continue to use the Hooded Towel until they simply outgrow it!

How Many Hooded Towels Does My Baby need?

It depends on how often you bathe your baby, but in general; 2-3 Towels are adequate. You may need to bathe your baby 1-2 times per day if you have a child that is having any vomit, diarrhea issues or is prone to spitting up. In that case, you’ll have a clean and dry towel for each bath.  The Towel can be hung by the Panda head on a doorknob, towel hook or even slung over the shower rod or bathroom door. It will dry within about 8 hours and be ready for its next use. 1 Baby Washcloth comes with the Hooded Towel Set, so you can also hang the washcloth to dry and reuse as needed. For laundry tips read here.

Are Bamboo Hooded Towels Good at the Pool and the Beach?

They are wonderful for the pool, lake or beach as Bamboo Hooded Towels offer natural UV Protection. This is why you will often see bamboo used as a swimsuit coverup or golf shirt. We do recommend applying an organic sunscreen as well, so that any uncovered skin is protected. If you have an umbrella or are in a shaded area; you can also use the hooded towel as a little beach blanket for your baby.

What are Some of the Best Aspects of BedVoyage Hooded Towels?

Mom’s appreciate that the towel dries their child off quickly, as bamboo is 3 times more absorbent than cotton. The benefit of being mildew and bacteria resistant means that you can feel confident in using the towel multiple times before laundering. This saves precious Mom-time, as we know you are extremely busy with a little one! The oversized dimensions means that the child can wrap the wings around them and stay warm, and also run around playing ‘Panda’ as the hood has darling panda ears.

What Other Uses are There For the Baby Washcloths?

The super gentle Baby Washcloth can be used in multiple ways. Wiping messy faces or hands is easy as the bamboo fabric is thin enough to clean around tiny fingers, and behind ears. Having some spares in the diaper bag is very handy for on-the-go messes. They do double-duty as a cover for boys when changing their diaper, so that no accidental peeing gets anywhere but on their changing table! You can add to your Hooded Towel Set by purchasing our Panda Baby Washcloth 6-pack so that they have extras for any location or time they are needed.

Great Gift Ideas:

The Hooded Towel Set includes 1 Hooded Towel and 1 Baby Washcloth, but the Bath Essentials set includes 6 more Baby Washcloths. This makes it a perfect Shower Gift or Push Present. 

For all those reasons, we feel that BedVoyage makes the Best Bamboo Hooded Towel!

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