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BedVoyage Introduces Maternity/Postpartum Bedding

BedVoyage Introduces Maternity/Postpartum Bedding

BedVoyage Introduces Maternity/Postpartum Bedding

Comforting mom, naturally, with bamboo:

BedVoyage is excited to announce the launch of Maternity Postpartum bedding, made from 100% rayon viscose bamboo. Sustainably farm grown and certified organic, BedVoyage’s Moso Bamboo has no formaldehyde or flame-retardant chemicals. The official launch date for BedVoyage’s Maternity/Postpartum bedding is July 1st, 2019. Maternity bedding includes: Bedsheet sets in Queen and King size, Coverlets, Duvets, Shams and Bamboo Towels that are ultra-smooth and soothing against sensitive expanding skin. Bamboo bedding also has the added benefit of being odor and stain resistant!

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life, but along with the excitement comes discomfort and fatigue. BedVoyage believes that Maternity Bedding will help soothe mother’s that suffer from fatigue, overheating, aches, pains and other conditions. Bamboo bedding is a safe, healthy and excellent option for pregnant women due to its naturally smooth and hypoallergenic qualities. The linens are also resistant to odors and bacteria, keeping the bed fresh while pregnant, and nursing. Sharon Stuart, the CEO says “Bamboo maternity bed sheets provide a healthier environment during this special time in a new mother’s life. We aim to provide linens that comfort your family, naturally.”

How Do You Sleep While Pregnant?

The National Sleep Foundation held a poll with pregnant women and discovered that nearly 80% of pregnant women have a hard time getting a decent night’s rest. With such a high number of pregnant women having difficulty sleeping, BedVoyage has the perfect bedding solution – Maternity Sheets. Bamboo sheets are the ideal choice of bedding for expectant and postpartum mothers because bamboo fibers provide a range of benefits during and after pregnancy including:

  • Stay dry all night
  • Cooling
  • Ultra-smooth and soft
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Breathable
  • Soothing
  • Thermal Regulating
  • Odor resistant

“Pregnant women should see a big difference in their sleeping patterns immediately with bamboo sheets.” Allison Brandt, LM, CPM, Midwife. BedVoyage Maternity/Postpartum sheets can be purchased at

Pregnancy Pillows are also a wonderful way to support your baby-bump and get a better night’s sleep! Check out this blog on the best positions for safe-sleep while pregnant, and great pillow options.

BedVoyage is an eco-luxury brand that blends the best qualities of sustainability, comfort and wellness. We offer products that share our respect for the environment, natural resources, design and craftsmanship. AND love for a wonderful night’s sleep!

For more info on BedVoyage products, watch our BedVoyage Design Aspects video here.

Sweet Dreams~

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