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Top Tips To Help Reduce Damage To Your Bedroom Furniture When Moving

Top Tips To Help Reduce Damage To Your Bedroom Furniture When Moving

As moving day approaches, you’re implementing your plans to help safely transport belongings to their new home. After following the advice from guides on how to pack for moving, you’ll feel more confident that your lifelong accumulation of beloved items will be safely moved. For books, clothes, personal items and technology (televisions, games consoles and computers), you might feel comfortable packing these yourself. You can transport them in your car or a friend’s, and unbox them at your new home.

However, for larger items, such as your bed, mattress and wardrobe, consider how these will be transported between properties.  Because of course, you’ll want to keep any damage to your bedroom furniture to a minimum.

Keep reading to find a few tips to help reduce any damage to your bedroom furniture when moving homes. Including finding out how bamboo can play a role. Let’s take a look!

Carefully Wrap Furniture

Starting with a simple and obvious point, ensure that you carefully wrap the furniture in bubble wrap, or cushioning fabrics. This helps to reduce any damage to your belongings should they experience any impact on the journey to your new home. For lamps and other decorative pieces, use cushions and blankets to help create additional padding in the boxes they are stored in for transit.

Bamboo sheets would be another alternative to bubble wrap for delicate, expensive decorative pieces. Bamboos sheets are very smooth, and will not rub finishes, like old packing blankets would.  Bamboo Sheets and Towels are soft and comfy, and can add that extra protective layer to your large valuable furniture pieces. This can include mirrors, pianos, antiques, and even art pieces. Bamboo is also much more environmentally friendly than plastic wraps, so it is worth looking into.

And while you’re at it; why not purchase a brand new set of Bamboo Sheets for your brand new home! Visit and choose from our 100% Bamboo luxury line, or our Melange line of Bamboo/Cotton blend, for Sheets and Towels.

Hire Professional Movers

Understandably, you’ll likely have friends and family who volunteer to help you move to your new home. They can assist with loading their cars with your breakable belongings, and drive them to their new destination. During this process, you want to safeguard as much as possible from encountering minor damages to your furniture along the way. Wrapping or boxing things well will help alleviate breakage or nicks.

However, consider hiring a moving company to ensure your belongings are safely transported. They’ll have vehicles large enough to transport your biggest pieces of furniture. Which are often the pieces many struggle with moving themselves between homes. Use professional services from companies like Bright Movers to help safely transport large bedroom pieces, such as bed frames and wardrobes. In addition to transporting it, they also carry it into the proper rooms of your house – another weight off your shoulders.

Professional movers also arrive with packing blankets, wrap tape, and cardboard that can all be used to safeguard your belongings. They make quick work of it too, what they can accomplish in 4 hours could take you 2 days or more when trying to move yourself. For small items like kitchen dishes and glasses, paper towels make an excellent wrap, and they can be reused at your new home!

Consider The Route You Drive

If you decide to move some fragile items yourself, ensure that you consider the route you take. You might want to avoid roads with potholes or winding streets. These could potentially increase the chances of damage to your belongings.

Additionally, consider the time of day you choose to travel. Rush hour and busy weekends mean more traffic to deal with, and a longer journey between locations. Finding an ideal time when the roads are quiet and minimal traffic will help allow for a smoother journey.

With these tips in mind, you can minimize the risk of any damage to your bedroom furniture. Instead, you can focus on setting up your new bedroom to create a peaceful oasis that you can retreat to each night.

Sweet Dreams~

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