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Bamboo Sheets: Benefits Over Cotton

Bamboo Sheets: Benefits Over Cotton


BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets are made from a material derived from moso bamboo plants. Bamboo stalks are an incredibly strong and renewable resource, making it an eco-friendly option for bedding. They are much softer than cotton sheets, and have moisture-wicking properties and breathability that help keep you cooler at night.

Our luxury line of 100% Bamboo fabric is gloriously silky-smooth, and hypoallergenic. The micro-gaps and holes in the bamboo fibers allow air to pass through the linens so that you stay cooler while sleeping. The inherent natural qualities of being resistant to bacteria and odors means that your linens will stay fresh longer. The fabric is incredibly comforting and gentle on skin and hair. The luxurious hand-feel of bamboo fabrics is unsurpassed in the bedding market, and the drape of the fabric against your skin is simply unparalleled. If you’re a comfort-creature you will most likely prefer the 100% bamboo line.

BedVoyage Bamboo Sheets sound like miracle sheets because they truly do so many things that cotton sheets can’t! Not only are they deliciously smooth against your skin, but they’re also especially good for anyone who suffers from skin sensitivities. They also wick and evaporate moisture 3x faster than cotton, so you’ll sleep dryer.

We call it a Smart Fabric because bamboo fibers can adjust to your body’s needs. The micro-gaps and holes in the fibers can sense if you’re overheating and they release the heat. But they can also sense if you’re cold and will keep your warmth in. With this ‘thermal-regulating’ quality; 2 people who may sleep very differently can finally be comfortable together, with just one set of magical sheets!

Why Bamboo Sheets:

  • Ideal for hot sleepers, sheet snobs and comfort creatures
  • Softest sheets you’ll ever own, you’ll never go back to cotton
  • No-sweat sheets, bamboo is breathable so you sleep cool and dry
  • BedVoyage does not coat their sheets with formaldehyde, unlike cottons
  • Resistant to bacteria, great for acne, eczema or sensitive skin
  • Bamboo needs no pesticides when growing, a sustainable alternative to cotton
  • Soft as silk, bamboo is cruelty free and vegan


Our Melange bamboo is a 50/50 blend of luxury bamboo and long-staple cotton yarns. This allows for many of the wonderful benefits of bamboo, but also offers the qualities that many have become used to with cotton. Melange is made by twisting the bamboo threads around cotton threads, and then weaving the fabric so that it appears to have a texture-look to the linens. An amazing aspect of this unique waterless coloring method is that its 100% bleach-safe. So if you are someone that does prefer to bleach your sheets, you can do so with any of our mélange colors. It is also BPO/Retinal safe, so if you apply any such lotions to your skin before bed, you won’t need to worry about staining your sheets or pillowcases.

Melange is a wonderful choice for the fall and winter, as it’s a bit reminiscent of a jersey knit. The fabric holds the warmth more than the 100% bamboo line, due to the cotton mixed in with the bamboo. If you live in a cooler climate, you may prefer the additional warmth of mélange. Our line of melange bedding is a bit cozier and comfier than the 100% bamboo sheets, its also a little more casual than the luxury line.

  • Bleachable
  • BPO/Retinol safe
  • Cozy and comfy
  • A little crisper than 100% bamboo
  • Not as cooling as 100% bamboo

OUR BAMBOO TIGHT TWILL WEAVE = Highest quality, Most Durable Weave

Both BedVoyage collections: the 100% Luxury Bamboo collection, and our melange Bamboo/Cotton blend collection, use our very tight twill weave. We’ve chosen a tight twill weave because it creates the softest most durable (anti-pilling) sheets you’ll ever sleep on.

A tight twill weave is identified by seeing a diagonal rib across the face of the fabric. Most jeans are woven with a twill weave because it adds durability to the fabric. A typical weave consists of a warp and a weft, which are the horizontal and vertical threads. Twill is created by passing the weft thread over and under several warp threads, rather than just one thread, like with sateen weaves. Additionally, with twill each row is offset from the previous one, which makes the diagonal rib pattern appear. There is a front and a back-to-twill weave, and the front side will have the more apparent rib, while the backside will appear flatter. Because of their durability, twill weave sheets are better than sateen, as sateen is prone to pilling. The width of the twill makes a big difference too! Some of our competitors have chosen a very wide twill weave, which you can clearly see. This means their sheets will not be as soft, sturdy, or pill-proof as BedVoyage linens

Why are Twill Weave Sheets Better than Sateen Weave:

  • Sturdier fabric that will last longer
  • Creates a better drape
  • Better wrinkle resistance
  • More pliable material
  • Less likely to pill

***Sateen is made by 3-yarns-over and 1-yarn-under. It does make for a very smooth fabric, but is less durable.

Many customers have told us that they’ve had our sheets for 10+ years and are still using them!


BedVoyage uses a thread count of 300, which is very high for bamboo fabrics. Many competitors use a lower thread count, and also blend with micro-fibers. We use 300 thread count on both our 100% Bamboo luxury line our 50% bamboo/50% cotton blend. Tight twill weaves prevent pilling, which we know our customers appreciate.

When a fabric description says 800 or 1000 thread count, its telling you how many threads were woven per square inch. The higher the number, the denser the weave, which can create a very unbreathable sheet. BedVoyage has chosen a 300 thread count because we feel its the sweet-spot between being silky-soft yet super breathable. The other benefit of bamboo sheets are that they are extremely absorbent, so they’ll wick moisture away from your skin faster than most other fabrics.


If they say ‘wrinkle-resistant’ on the packaging, then yes you are most likely sleeping on toxic formaldehyde, which is a ‘stiffening agent’. BedVoyage has chosen NOT to coat our linens with formaldehyde. Why would we take an eco-friendly fabric and coat it with a toxin? We don’t want to sleep on toxic chemicals, nor do we want our customers to. Therefore, we don’t market our linens as wrinkle-resistant. You may get soft wrinkles where your head and body lay, but each time you launder the linens they will come out smooth and beautiful again!

Sweet Dreams~


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